Thursday, July 8, 2010

working out again

Last night I stuck to my fitness goal and accomplished both – eating good and working out! Once I was home from work I enjoyed a nice green smoothie with my daughter and then it was time to workout. We busted through the whole DVD and were about dead at the end. Every once and awhile the boy child would come out and make fun of us, but that didn’t stop us. The dogs thinking it was play time, that slowed us down a little. LOL! I finished by swimming laps in the pool, perfect way to cool off some. Over the weekend I need to buck up and spend some time laying out and getting a little color. They might kick me out of California for being as white as I am.

My girlfriend in California emailed me first thing this morning saying she met her workout goals last night too. I would really love to drop 8 pounds before we hit the water in the sail boat, so I will be working super hard the next few weeks.

Day 1
07/08/2010 – 157.4
Goal - 149
Workout – 40 minute workout DVD/Swim laps

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

operation bikini

I know I have been MIA lately from my fitness blog. Really it comes down to nothing more than me being lazy and not wanting to workout. Not sure where my mojo went, but I found some inspiration to dig it back up.

Going sailing in a few weeks!! That means ---> me in a bathing suit!

My girlfriend who we will be visiting sand sailing with has joined me in “Operation Bikini!” Even though we live a few hundred miles from each other we have committed to daily emails. My goal for today – This ass kicking workout video and swimming laps!

I have been so bad at letting my obsession with my new Camaro take up too much of my time and being down right lazy. Time to turn this all around. Woo-Hoo!!

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