Thursday, July 8, 2010

working out again

Last night I stuck to my fitness goal and accomplished both – eating good and working out! Once I was home from work I enjoyed a nice green smoothie with my daughter and then it was time to workout. We busted through the whole DVD and were about dead at the end. Every once and awhile the boy child would come out and make fun of us, but that didn’t stop us. The dogs thinking it was play time, that slowed us down a little. LOL! I finished by swimming laps in the pool, perfect way to cool off some. Over the weekend I need to buck up and spend some time laying out and getting a little color. They might kick me out of California for being as white as I am.

My girlfriend in California emailed me first thing this morning saying she met her workout goals last night too. I would really love to drop 8 pounds before we hit the water in the sail boat, so I will be working super hard the next few weeks.

Day 1
07/08/2010 – 157.4
Goal - 149
Workout – 40 minute workout DVD/Swim laps

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

operation bikini

I know I have been MIA lately from my fitness blog. Really it comes down to nothing more than me being lazy and not wanting to workout. Not sure where my mojo went, but I found some inspiration to dig it back up.

Going sailing in a few weeks!! That means ---> me in a bathing suit!

My girlfriend who we will be visiting sand sailing with has joined me in “Operation Bikini!” Even though we live a few hundred miles from each other we have committed to daily emails. My goal for today – This ass kicking workout video and swimming laps!

I have been so bad at letting my obsession with my new Camaro take up too much of my time and being down right lazy. Time to turn this all around. Woo-Hoo!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Feeling Blah

Ever since last Friday I have been in this funk. Not sure if it's the rising temperature outside or the fact that I am not exercising which is making me feel tired and lazy. I just don't want to do anything. I have no desire to jump on my treadmill or swim laps in the pool. I am not eating bad, but I have 10 pounds that really needs to come off. Ugh.

Anyway, decided to take a few days off and maybe next week I will be ready to get back on the program.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Can you say midlife crisis?

Friday night ended with me cooking up a yummy dinner using my Tofu Shirataki noodles, man I love these. I cooked up some broccoli, onion, red bell pepper and mushrooms, then tossed it with the noodles and a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese. Very delish in the dish dinner. Meghan doesn't care for them, but I think they really taste good and with the low calories heck you can't go wrong with them!

So I was inspired by Catlin's new workout video Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones and picked up Friday night at Wal-Mart. Meghan wanted to do the workout with me, so there we are the two of us in the living room - me cursing at Jillian and Meghan laughing at me (sometimes yelling at me not to quit). We did it. The whole 40 minute workout and wow what a killer workout.

Saturday morning I woke up thinking Caitlin was a weakling for feeling so sore after, heck I felt great! Fast forward about 12 hours - OMG, every muscle in my body is KILLING me! LOL! Sorry Caitlin, I was wrong. LOL! Before the pain set in though Meghan and I did the first workout in the C25K and then some. We got in a good 1 hour walk/run. Perfect way to start off the morning.

So, can you say midlife crisis?? Want to know how we spent the rest of our Saturday?? Yea, at the Chevy dealership buying momma a new CAMARO!! Sweet!!

Really I had just wanted to go in and see if I would really even like one. I had a few requirements: leather, moon-roof, spoiler and racing stripe. Got it all baby!

The hard part was debating on the color. I thought I really liked the Jewel Red, but ended up falling in love with the Cyber Gray. They had the Cyber Grey on the lot with everything but the spoiler and racing stripe, so we have to bring it back in later next week to have that stuff put on. Then hopefully next weekend get the windows tinted. This thing is loaded with goodies! Automatic start, I can play my iPod, Bluetooth, heated seats (won't need that for a few months)...I could go on and on.

We were at the Chevy dealership around 11am and didn't leave until about 4pm, so our plans of grilling dinner quickly went down the drain. We were so tired and hungry we picked up pizza and beer and enjoyed dinner in the garage staring at our new baby. LOL! In the evening we went out to sit in the car and see what she looked like in the dark (I know, we are losers). The inside door panels light up so freaking cool!! It's hot, John and I decided we needed to start going out more at night! LOL!

Looking forward to surprising the boy tonight when he gets home from Michigan!! He'll totally flip out!

For Father's Day today we have been relaxing around the house. I made John breakfast and again we ate out in the garage looking at the car. Off to enjoy the rest of the day with the husband and wait for the boy child to get home in a few hours!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

reinvest - day 7...less food in mouth!

Friday has started with me realizing that I am out right putting on too much weight. Crap, I really thought I could maintain my weight without counting calories everyday, but obviously I cannot. I went through a total panic attack this morning trying to find something that fit to wear to work. Everything was way too tight and I was at the point of just bursting out into tears and climbing back into bed. I know I have been “somewhat” working out, but not to the potential that I should be. It’s my fault I know it. I except responsibility for the extra pounds that like to hang out in my thighs. Ugh.

I know what I need to do

• Count my calories daily
• Pump up my workouts
• Workout 5-6 days a week
• No alcohol
• No sweets

So, tomorrow I will be back to counting and tracking my progress daily again. Working out harder and smarter. I think I will also start from the beginning of the C25K program. There just seems to be such a difference from running on a treadmill and running outside. I think that might help me more when it comes to running outside (breathing is just killing me). I will give it a try tonight when Meg and I go out.

I did have some exciting news – I am only $402 away from meeting my goal of raising $2300 to walk in the 3-Day Walk!! Can you believe it?!? I am shocked and touched by those who have donated or helped me with my fundraising. I couldn't have done this without the support and love from my family and friends.

I had to add in my horoscope for today, kind of fitting!

Libra (9/23-10/22)
Progress doesn't always move in a straight line. In fact, in order to reach to your ultimate goal, often you have to backtrack through territory you thought was well behind you so you can learn something you missed the first time around. Stressing out about lost time isn't worth the worry, though. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery -- after all, isn't that the point of life?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

reinvest - day 6

I have seen several different bloggers write about Dr. Kracker’s organic brand of crackers, so yesterday I Googled the brand to find out where I could purchase it here in Arizona. Luckily the Fresh and Easy down the street carried them, but they only had two of the flavors. I packed up one today with some hummus to have for my afternoon snack! Can’t wait to try it out.

Yesterday was a power workout day that’s for sure. When I had gotten home from work I whipped up Green Smoothies for both Meghan and I. Then it was time for some Yoga! This was the first time that I have done Yoga at home and with Meghan! We had a few old VHS tapes that a friend had given us, so we though we would try those out. It was a good 20 minute workout and not to bad. I need to do some research on Yoga DVD’s to see if I can find some other good ones to purchase. There are just too many to choose from and I hate buying something that sucks. Starting to do Yoga again was one of those things that I wanted to "reinvest" in myself again. I forgot how much I do enjoy it and how it helps keep me centered.

For dinner we had leftovers from the night before that Meg made. A very yummy pesto dish! Good job Meg! Although I am really bad when it comes to staying out of the kitchen, I just love cooking! Meg needs to start duck taping me to the couch or something so I will stay out of her way. Cooking has become very therapeutic for me lately and has helped reduce some of my after work stress.

Later that evening Meg and I went running for about 30+ minutes. I had forgotten to charge up my Garmin and it died half way out…ugh. When we returned home it was 15 minutes of laps in the pool. The perfect way to cool down after a run!

Looking forward to this weekend to one – celebrate Father’s Day and two – my boy child comes home Sunday from Michigan!! I have a feeling he is going to look much older when he steps off that plane. My mother said the boy has been eating non-stop, so I am pretty sure he’s been going through a growth spurt.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

reinvest - day 4

I was excited to wake up feeling much better today. Maybe I have just been battling some extra long PMS or something, glad to feel like I am getting out of that crappy funk.

When I got home from work yesterday I quickly ran to my blender and whipped up a fantastic green smoothie. In it:

• Spinach
• Banana
• Frozen Strawberries
• Chia Seeds
• Amazing Grass
• Frozen Mango
• Cinnamon
• Crushed Ice
• Vanilla Almond Breeze

A glass of frozen heaven! The 13 year-old daughter loves to have them with me too. We had to wait a few hours before we could go out and run since the afternoon was just too hot. I took advantage of the time and put some things together for today, a little laundry and relaxed with the puppies.

We tried Tofu Shirataki Noodles for the first time along with Caitlin’s Peanut Sauce and then also added in:

• Broccoli
• Mushrooms
• Garlic
• Carrots
• Seasoning

Now I have read that either you love the Tofu Noodles or you hate them. I loved them, Meg hated them. The husband worked yesterday, so I figured it might be safer to test them out with him not being there. I really hate when I cook up a flop dinner and the whole family has to suffer. Anyway, I loved it and Meg picked at it. I can’t wait to try out a few more recipes with the Tofu Noodles!

Meg and I got in 40+ minutes in running/walking. It sucks that it’s getting hot and staying hot in the evenings. However, it does work out when you want to swim laps after running! The water is still a tick cool for me, but after running/walking the water felt amazing! I did a little over 10 minutes swimming laps, so over all I was satisfied with my workout last night and totally feeling it this morning!

I finished up with a little Organic Greek Yogurt, Fruit and Granola.

So far today has been better. My energy level has been up nicely and looking forward to getting some type of workout in tonight. Just depends on where my evening takes me. Maybe the treadmill and pool.
Thought I would share some of my food from today:

My pre-made oatmeal:

And amazing veggie wrap:

Monday, June 14, 2010

reinvest - day 3

I woke up this morning in a foul mood, not sure why.

Saturday ended up being a perfect day. My mother-in-law was still staying with us and really wanted to go our for dinner to Applebee’s…yuck. It’s hard to eat meatless there unless you want a salad, and I am just not much of a salad lover. Meg and I were still full from our lunch at Luci’s and decided to each have a bowl of Tomato Basil Soup and split a plain cheese crisp.

We stayed up too late watching a stupid movie, The Box.

Sunday we had planned on running in our new running skirts, but because of The Box Meghan slept with me (husband was working) AND we had all THREE dogs in bed with us. So, we ended up sleeping in until the husband got home about 7:45am. It was nice just to say, “I’ll get up when I get up.” I was shocked though that Meg still wanted to go out and the husband wanted to go too! We quickly made a light breakfast and then were out the door. We walked/ran our way up to the grocery store to return The Box and then did a couple of laps around the park. We got in three miles, but the morning was heating up quickly!

The rest of the day went downhill after that. We took Meg out for lunch and ate/drank way too much while watching the NASCAR race. Then we spent the afternoon in the pool again enjoying too many Select 55.

Dinner was light and healthy, but by that point I was tired and started feeling like crap.

Today my nice work pants are WAY TOO tight. I woke up just in a shit mood and I am doing my best to turn it around as quick as possible. I packed all healthy food for the day and wrote down my goals for working out tonight.

• 30 minute run/walk
• 20 minute swim

This morning I mixed Chia Seeds into my over night oats, I was thrilled to finally find them at Sprouts on Saturday.

Trying out a new recipe tonight for dinner using those tofu noodles I keep hearing so much about. My husband is very unsure about them. LOL! Over the weekend thanks to Meg my recipes are all neat and nice in a new binder!! I love that they are all together in one place and in alphabetical order.

Well, the day has started out bumpy (T-Mobile totally JACKED my bill, I think it is time to start looking for a new cell phone provider), however I am staying hopeful that the day somehow gets better.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

reinvest - Day 1

I woke up ready and willing this morning. DAy one of reinvesting in myself. First off a little protein before going out running with Meghan. I sat out back and enjoyed a bagel thin with some almond butter and banana...oh, and a cup of Joe. The weather was amazing out today, so I enjoyed some of it by relaxing outside with the dogs before starting the day. I did weigh myself (YIKES!!) and took all of my measurements and I will do it again in 21 days. Wish me luck! LOL!

Meg and I got in three miles of a nice run/walk. We had a great breeze while out and almost thought we should have gone hiking instead, but oh well. After it was time to relax a little, clean up and then we were off for a total girls day!!

First stop was H&M up in North Scottsdale, both of us were totally disappointed. Nothing exciting, just lots of junk. Next was the Runner's Den in Phoenix, what a GREAT store!! They had a great selection of running skirts, shoes, you name it! I found a cute New Balance skirt that fit great and I receive 10% off because I am doing the 3 Day Walk!! We will be back for shoes in a few months, they were so helpful and nice. Since we were up in an area that I am not familiar with places to eat and Meg and I were really looking for some type of cool cafe. The gal quickly told us of a place just minutes from there and we had actually seen them on the news not long ago when the strip mall had a fire. Anyway, we were off and on our way to Luci's Healthy Marketplace! First through we walk outside and it is RAINING! Coming down like cats and dogs!! I swear, Meg and I stood there unsure if we were really seeing what we thought we were seeing. LOL! Only in Arizona do you freeze in your step when you see rain.

We easily found Luci's and it is just plain out adorable!! They have this huge bay door that is full open so it's like you are sitting outside. Love the colors, the placement of everything, the flower on the table and the die for!! Meghan ordered monkey french toast and I had the most amazing vegan wrap!! We even bought a macaroon, but didn't eat that until later. Meghan picked out a Coke, but had no idea how to use the bottle cap remover on the was too funny! We could have sat there forever enjoying the rain and the afternoon but we still had shopping to do!

There was a Dick's Sporting Goods on the way out to the Chandler Mall, so we quickly ran in and picked up the running skirt Meg tried on a couple of weeks ago. I know we said we were going to wait until we could fully run three miles, but we lie and we wanted them today! LOL!

After we hung out at the mall for awhile trying to walk off our lunch. Did find some great skirts for Meg to wear in New York City next month - one only cost $3.99!!

A last stop for some fruits and veggies from Sprouts and a movie rental from Red Box. We are kicked to the curb tired. It was one of the best girl days I have had in awhile! I have the most loving and enjoyable daughter a mother could wish for. Love you Meg!!

Looking forward to waking up early tomorrow and running in our new skirts! We totally rock!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


I had a crazy week of extreme PMS, unhappiness at my job, not working out…just a down right funk all week.

Anyway, time to turn that around. Earlier this week I had caught an episode of Tori and Dean, I know stupid show but I watch it….I lived for 90210 when I was a teen!! A couple of things got to me during this episode I was watching –

1. Tori received a copy of her new book in the mail. It really made me think about the days of authoring my own books (scrapbook idea books, but still a book). I remember that moment of feeling so proud of something that I had accomplished. What a natural high! I miss working on something with my name on it, my heart and sole in it, my tears and sweat. I won’t ever go back into the scrapbook business, but it got me thinking about what else I could do. I need to spend more time exploring different hobbies that I enjoy and see if maybe one of those could be turned into my next adventure.

2. Dean felt that he needed to “reinvest” in himself. What a perfect word – reinvest. I love it. I think it sums up what I need to be doing – reinvesting in myself! Taking care of my body, mind and soul. I need reinvest in my workouts, running and eating healthy. I need to reinvest in my career and find a job that I enjoy going to everyday where I can use my talents to their fullest. I need to reinvest in a new hobby that brings me joy and I can explore new creative outlets. I invest a lot of energy into my family and my job…why not invest that energy into me?

I have decided to create my own little 21 Day Reinvest challenge, although you are welcome to join me! So, this is my plan for the next 21 days –

• Change up my workouts due to the summer heat: 30 minute run on the treadmill (work on my C25K) followed by a 20 minute swim in the pool. Weekends will include morning walks of 4+ miles.
• Find a good Yoga DVD and spend some time on my inner health.
• Sign up for the 12K (or 6K not sure yet) that is in December, I figure if Meg and I sign up than we will be more likely to be held accountable for training for it.
• Try out a few new hobby ideas that have been swimming around in my head, so looking at some field trips to the art supply stores, bead stores and hobby stores. I have wanted to make jewelry again, so I think it’s time to put some of my ideas to work.
• Keep searching for a new job and sending out resumes. Take a chance on something that might scare me, but interest me!
• Put together all of my new recipes since they are a real mess right now.
• Spend some time at the library checking out healthy books that I have been wanting to read.
• Give up meat 100%, right now I am about 90%. I feel guilty when we eat out and my husband and I normally split a meal and I know he prefers meat over veggie. I want to be 100% meat free, so I am sticking to what I want to do for these next 21 days.
• I will weigh myself tomorrow morning, take a couple body photos and measurements and document that. However, I will not do it again until my 21 days are up. I won’t be a slave to my scale. This is not just about loosing weight (I say that while wearing pants that are a tick tight this morning), but focusing on my whole body inside and out.

When does this start? Tomorrow morning! I am really excited about reinvesting some time and energy into myself. Is it selfish, I don’t think so at all. What’s that saying? "If Momma Ain't Happpy, Ain't Nobody Happy!” LOL! Now, please don’t get me wrong I am blessed with a wonderful family and life; however, I feel I am living on cruse control and it’s time to step up and get back into my life. Nothing is going to change until I change it. So, there we are.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Guest Designer!

It's that time again - time for a new Guest Designer on my 3-Day Online Store!! Only $652 left to raise to meet my fundraising goal of $2300!!

Today's Guest Designer is Angela from Oh She Glows!! Please stop by my store today and purchase from the great selection of apparel or make a donation today! I couldn't walk sixty miles in three days without your help and support.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Flagstaff Adventures

Our weekend journey up north started out on Saturday morning. My goal was to be at my mom’s house by 9am and even after stopping at McDonald’s for an ice coffee (which I should have skipped – closed rest stops and long in-between to bathroom!) we were still a few minutes ahead of schedule. The weekend weather in the valley was supposed to be well into the 100’s and we looked forward to heading up to the pines. Little did we know at the time that they would be breaking their own heat records!! Ugh!!

The ride up went pretty smoothly, however Matt was over excited about getting to Flagstaff and then leaving via train to Michigan Sunday morning. He was our human GPS and was funny every time we saw a sign to Flagstaff, “109 miles until you reach your destination.” All in his computer GPS voice. We couldn’t believe that you could still see snow up on the San Francisco Peaks! I love how the ride starts out with cactus everywhere and then all of a sudden you are surrounded by pine trees.

Check in at the hotel wasn’t until 1pm, but we decided to stop there first to see if we could work an early check in or at least drop off our bags. Little America has just the BEST customer service and had no problem getting us in early and getting us two rooms right across the hall from each other. After getting everything to our rooms and freshening up some we were off to find the train station!

My mom wanted to get the tickets all taken care of and find out what time we needed to be there Sunday morning since it was such an early train (departed 5:21am). The AMTRAK station in Flagstaff is so adorable! Being right there on Route 66 they even had a cool gift shop. It didn’t take long to get everything taken care of and the guy told us if we were there by 5am we would be fine. He was even nice enough to direct us to a great place to eat lunch right across the train tracks!

After waiting for a train to cross we walked over to a new brewery there in Flagstaff for lunch and of course some beer!! The restaurant is new, so we knew they would have A/C, a must for the warm afternoon. They had lots of different types of beer and we ended up trying a pitcher of their red brew and it was amazing!! So was everything we ate for lunch, which was way too much.

We left there with fully stomachs and decided to wonder thru historical downtown and check out the stores. Because of the heat and the most all of the old building did not have air conditioning we ended up not staying long and headed back to the hotel.

The pool had lots of guest out swimming, but we found a nice quiet spot under the pine trees and were able to sit on the cool deck with our feet in the pool while the kids swam. Meghan was so into the fact that the pool was nine feet deep, for some crazy reason it freaked her out. John’s highlight of the whole weekend was getting me to walk over to the truck stop right next to the hotel to get a 12-pack of beer. What makes that so exciting you ask? I was wearing my swim shorts (they are short) and bikini top – in a TRUCK STOP. Ugh, I thought he was joking but no. I had every guy in there looking at me; it was an awesome moment in my life. LOL! We spent the rest of the day out at the pool, talk about relaxing.

Since John and I had enjoyed a few adult beverages all afternoon we thought it was best to have dinner there at the hotel. I had the most amazing veggie sandwich with sweet potato fries. Everyone was starving, but again we all ate way too much!!

We spent some time in the gift shop after eating. John was killing us with his need to try on all of the cowboy hats there. Meghan and Matty also did some hat modeling for me too! After so how my crazy family felt the need to go over to the truck stop for ice cream cones. They had a dinosaur out front that made for some great photos. Me getting on and off the darn thing was really enjoyable.

As the evening cooled off and it got late John and I helped get the kids ready for bed in their room with my mom. Matt was so excited about the next morning he was bouncing off the walls and it took us awhile to get him all tucked in. John and I had planned on going down to the bar for awhile after, but only made it through one beer and then we were in our room asleep. It had been a relaxing long day and 4:30 am was going to come early.

The kids and my mom were knocking on our door at 4:45am Sunday morning and we were off to the train station. Flagstaff is beautiful when it is so quiet and peaceful out. It took us just a few minutes to get there and I expect more people there, but really only about 6-10 people waiting. Since we had tickets already there wasn’t much to do but wait for the Southwest Chief (that was the name of their train). It starts out in Los Angels and ends in Chicago.

Right on time the train pulled up and we headed outside to watch it stop. Then had to find the correct sleeping car. Everyone working on the train was so nice and helped us out. They only stay in Flagstaff for less than 15 minutes so they move quickly. The Stewart was nice enough and let me hop on to check out their TINY sleeping room! Wow, looked much larger on the interactive website! LOL! Just that fast though I hugged my mom good-bye and kissed my handsome boy and then the train pulled away.

John, Meg and I watched the train pull out and head east. Since we were up we decided to find a Starbucks and enjoy some coffee and wake up a little. The truck ride was much quieter without the boy child! LOL!

We also spent some time back at the hotel just relaxing watching TV together, but then realized we should really check out the hotel buffet for breakfast! I mean, we are on a min-vacation! Again, as with every meal we had in Flagstaff we all over ate! BUT the hotel had their own 2 mile hike right there in the pines!! Meghan was done after ¼ mile into the walk, but we made it through despite the heat of the morning (so much for our cool weekend getaway).

After cleaning up we decided to head over to the mall for a little while and then start back to Phoenix.

The drive back seemed quicker and QUIETER! LOL! We stopped at one of our favorite restaurant in Phoenix that we only hit when we are coming back from up north. They have most amazing nacho pizza!! Matt also gave us a call to let his know that he was loving the train! He had old fashion train French toast for breakfast and when you walked on the train you walked like a duck. LOL!

I am going to miss my little boy, but I know he will have quite the adventure to remember for the rest of his life!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Closer To Friday

Yesterday was another crazy busy day. I have come to the conclusion that I either have extreme PMS or it’s time to start looking for a new job. My daily unhappiness at work is starting to swirl into my everyday life and I am feeling the stress head to toe. I know my options, so I am trying not to complain, but it’s always freighting thinking about starting over at a new job. One day at a time, I know that I am the only one responsible for my happiness – either I do something or sit here and suffer.

I spent all day yesterday dreaming about a green smoothie! As soon as I was in the door I had my blender out and fruits and veggies all ready to whip up a cold green drink of heaven! I used for the first time Amazing Grass in my recipe and WOW – it turned out delish!! I had a banana, strawberries, mango, spinach, ice, Amazing Grass and Almond Breeze. The perfect way to start the evening! Meghan even said it was one of my best.

The boys were out at the dirt bike track, so dinner was left in my hands. We had planned on corn on the cob and Black Bean/Mushroom Veggie Burgers all cooked on the grill. I had the corn going no problem, however next time I do the burgers I will cook them inside. It was a pain trying to cook them on the grill and then during the cooking of my second batch – we ran out of propane!! Oh well, what can you do…just eat the batch that is done! We topped our burgers with sautéed onions, roasted red peppers, provolone cheese, spinach and mustard! Fabulous!! The boys didn’t eat until late, but the husband loved it – the boy just ate corn. LOL!

After letting dinner set in our stomachs Meg and I took off for a run. We did our normal five minute walk and then ran our hearts out. What a great stress reliever!! We really upped our running this time out and I found myself thinking, “I’m doing it, I’m running!!” As we rounded the corner (running) towards the house I told Meg lets run around the block before going in – and guess what? We did RUN around the whole block without stopping! LOL! Really ask my husband, normally when we would go out and he tried to get me to run I would cry that I couldn’t do it and run for maybe 30 seconds.

Meghan and did get into a nice discussion regarding being an athlete. I have NEVER thought of myself as athletic and I think deep down it’s been something I have regretted. I just have always told myself that I’m not an athlete and as the years have gone by I have believed it. Who says, “Ms. you are NOT an athlete, but you over there Ms. are an athlete.” Can you go into the doctor have a blood test done to see if you are an athlete? Really the only person that can decide that is ourselves, right? I still sit here and think, “Maybe I might be, but maybe not yet.” Then I scream to myself, Gosh, darn it – I am an athlete!” So, after 40 years I am finally learning that besides being an athlete I can be whatever I darn well want to be. Running has made me feel so free and empowered! Is that why others run too?

Meg and I are starting to look at upcoming runs this winter and thinking about signing up for one or two! She asked why I haven’t done the C25K program lately, but I decided to save that for the treadmill once summer gets here and it’s just too hot to run outside. We have been setting our own goals when out running, and it’s a little easier for us to use landmarks not time.

Okay, enough about my excitement over my running. It’s Thursday and I have lots to do before the boy child leaves for two weeks for a trip to Michigan with grandma! Wow, the house is going to be REALLY quiet for two weeks!! LOL! I am going to miss kissing his cute little cheeks.

FYI – On the 3-Day Fundraising – I am 49% to meeting my goal!! Please stop by my donation page and make a donation today! Every dollar getting me closer to walking sixty miles in three days!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend Recap

That was the fastest three days of my entire life! Okay, I may be a little over dramatic but it did go by pretty darn fast.

Friday night to celebrate Meg’s going into High School we went out to YC’s for dinner (Meg’s choice). I love that they have tofu so I can load up on that and skip the meat! John and Matty had never been before, but they both did a great job filling their bowls as full as they could get them! I love that you get that little bowl and you think, “That’s it?” Yea, we had enough for lunch all weekend!! Meg tried to teach Matt how to use chop sticks, but he gave up quickly and went back to using his fork. Meg is about the only one who can use them and actually get food in her mouth. We end up wearing it!
On the way to dinner we stopped by Big 5 and I picked up a Nike visor to wear on my Saturday workout, although ended up not like it. I swear, I have a big head and way too much hair! I ended up exchanging it for a Nike Dry Fit hat that I love much more!! Some how the hat was $2 more than the visor, but I ended up getting $1 back?!?

I had hoped to get in a six mile run/walk with Meg on Saturday morning, but ended up doing 4.66 miles. Still not bad, it was just getting very hot and quickly! I took Meg over to the canal and we had a nice relaxing time running along the water watching all of the new baby ducks. We even noticed a nest of duck eggs by one of the bushes! Once home I enjoyed some Greek yogurt, blueberries and raw oatmeal. Nothing like enjoying some breakfast and coffee out by the pool!

Since the boys were out at the dirt bike track Meg and I decided to visit Dick’s Sporting Goods to look at running skirts. Meg looks so adorable in them!! Since we haven’t made our three mile running goal yet, we decided to wait on the skirts. She did however find a cute Alo sports bra for $9 (regularly $36!!) and I myself bought a pair of Under Armour panties!! Strange, but needed under my running shorts. LOL!

Being Memorial weekend I was SHOCKED that my husband wanted to cook meatless all weekend!?! Who is this man?? Our menu for Saturday was Make Your Own Kebabs!! I had lots of veggies, some Scallops and Chicken for the boy child. Meghan helped me get it all put together and then we lined it up on the bar and let everyone make their own. John cooked the most mouth watering corn on the cob that I think we have EVER had. It was a two thumbs up dinner!! We even followed dinner up with fresh watermelon!!

Sunday morning we were up at 4:30 am and ready for a good long hike! I made Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies the night before to fill us up and give us all some good energy. This is the first time that John has been out hiking with us, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect with him and Meg…they normally like to drive me crazy when they are together! We were surprised at how quiet it was when we got to the mountain I really thought there would be a lot of people out, but it was quite the opposite. We headed towards National Trail and the sun quickly heated up the day. I really wanted to do eight miles, but around mile 3 Meg and John were getting hot and tired. Somewhere after mile 3 they both got their second wind when I told them that I would love to get four miles in (and then we would have the four miles back). I was so excited that we did it!! On the way back down we took some good water breaks and broke out the protein bars and refueled our bodies. We even ran part of the way back! John was SHOCKED to see me running for as long as I did. He hasn’t been out with me in awhile. Not only was the husband proud of me, but I was proud of me! I was running, not just the little 2 second run, but really running!! I was amazed at how great I felt when we got done!! We decided that we did so good that we deserved a McDonald’s ice coffee!!

When we got home around 9 am everyone was hungry again so I cooked up some eggs using left over veggies from the night before, a little laughing cow cheese all on a bagel thin and a side of cool watermelon.

We had a day filled with racing and watched some of the Indy 500 outside and then John and I snuck out to the bar to watch some while eating lunch. The beer took major effect on me once I got home and totally feel asleep on the couch for awhile. With the late lunch and being sore from the eight mile hike, dinner was no-bake cherry pie while watching NASCAR. We decided to make our mushroom/black bean burgers for dinner on Tuesday night since we were still pretty full from lunch…and drop dead tired.

Monday John worked so I stayed in bed until about 8:30am – heaven!! It was an extremely lazy day, but we did read on Gina’s blog that it was national Macaroon Cookie day, so heck we had to make cookies!! I finally picked up some Amazing Grass and even used it in my cookie recipe. They turned out good, not great, but good. Meg and I snacked on them all day long.

I did get off my butt later in the day to cook up some Garbanzo Bean patties for work this week (and for dinner). I also tried a different recipe for my oatmeal to have this morning at work, but didn’t like it at all compared to the Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie. I had a hard time chocking it down. My whole weekend really looked like this -


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