Monday, June 14, 2010

reinvest - day 3

I woke up this morning in a foul mood, not sure why.

Saturday ended up being a perfect day. My mother-in-law was still staying with us and really wanted to go our for dinner to Applebee’s…yuck. It’s hard to eat meatless there unless you want a salad, and I am just not much of a salad lover. Meg and I were still full from our lunch at Luci’s and decided to each have a bowl of Tomato Basil Soup and split a plain cheese crisp.

We stayed up too late watching a stupid movie, The Box.

Sunday we had planned on running in our new running skirts, but because of The Box Meghan slept with me (husband was working) AND we had all THREE dogs in bed with us. So, we ended up sleeping in until the husband got home about 7:45am. It was nice just to say, “I’ll get up when I get up.” I was shocked though that Meg still wanted to go out and the husband wanted to go too! We quickly made a light breakfast and then were out the door. We walked/ran our way up to the grocery store to return The Box and then did a couple of laps around the park. We got in three miles, but the morning was heating up quickly!

The rest of the day went downhill after that. We took Meg out for lunch and ate/drank way too much while watching the NASCAR race. Then we spent the afternoon in the pool again enjoying too many Select 55.

Dinner was light and healthy, but by that point I was tired and started feeling like crap.

Today my nice work pants are WAY TOO tight. I woke up just in a shit mood and I am doing my best to turn it around as quick as possible. I packed all healthy food for the day and wrote down my goals for working out tonight.

• 30 minute run/walk
• 20 minute swim

This morning I mixed Chia Seeds into my over night oats, I was thrilled to finally find them at Sprouts on Saturday.

Trying out a new recipe tonight for dinner using those tofu noodles I keep hearing so much about. My husband is very unsure about them. LOL! Over the weekend thanks to Meg my recipes are all neat and nice in a new binder!! I love that they are all together in one place and in alphabetical order.

Well, the day has started out bumpy (T-Mobile totally JACKED my bill, I think it is time to start looking for a new cell phone provider), however I am staying hopeful that the day somehow gets better.

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