Saturday, June 12, 2010

reinvest - Day 1

I woke up ready and willing this morning. DAy one of reinvesting in myself. First off a little protein before going out running with Meghan. I sat out back and enjoyed a bagel thin with some almond butter and banana...oh, and a cup of Joe. The weather was amazing out today, so I enjoyed some of it by relaxing outside with the dogs before starting the day. I did weigh myself (YIKES!!) and took all of my measurements and I will do it again in 21 days. Wish me luck! LOL!

Meg and I got in three miles of a nice run/walk. We had a great breeze while out and almost thought we should have gone hiking instead, but oh well. After it was time to relax a little, clean up and then we were off for a total girls day!!

First stop was H&M up in North Scottsdale, both of us were totally disappointed. Nothing exciting, just lots of junk. Next was the Runner's Den in Phoenix, what a GREAT store!! They had a great selection of running skirts, shoes, you name it! I found a cute New Balance skirt that fit great and I receive 10% off because I am doing the 3 Day Walk!! We will be back for shoes in a few months, they were so helpful and nice. Since we were up in an area that I am not familiar with places to eat and Meg and I were really looking for some type of cool cafe. The gal quickly told us of a place just minutes from there and we had actually seen them on the news not long ago when the strip mall had a fire. Anyway, we were off and on our way to Luci's Healthy Marketplace! First through we walk outside and it is RAINING! Coming down like cats and dogs!! I swear, Meg and I stood there unsure if we were really seeing what we thought we were seeing. LOL! Only in Arizona do you freeze in your step when you see rain.

We easily found Luci's and it is just plain out adorable!! They have this huge bay door that is full open so it's like you are sitting outside. Love the colors, the placement of everything, the flower on the table and the die for!! Meghan ordered monkey french toast and I had the most amazing vegan wrap!! We even bought a macaroon, but didn't eat that until later. Meghan picked out a Coke, but had no idea how to use the bottle cap remover on the was too funny! We could have sat there forever enjoying the rain and the afternoon but we still had shopping to do!

There was a Dick's Sporting Goods on the way out to the Chandler Mall, so we quickly ran in and picked up the running skirt Meg tried on a couple of weeks ago. I know we said we were going to wait until we could fully run three miles, but we lie and we wanted them today! LOL!

After we hung out at the mall for awhile trying to walk off our lunch. Did find some great skirts for Meg to wear in New York City next month - one only cost $3.99!!

A last stop for some fruits and veggies from Sprouts and a movie rental from Red Box. We are kicked to the curb tired. It was one of the best girl days I have had in awhile! I have the most loving and enjoyable daughter a mother could wish for. Love you Meg!!

Looking forward to waking up early tomorrow and running in our new skirts! We totally rock!!

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