Friday, June 11, 2010


I had a crazy week of extreme PMS, unhappiness at my job, not working out…just a down right funk all week.

Anyway, time to turn that around. Earlier this week I had caught an episode of Tori and Dean, I know stupid show but I watch it….I lived for 90210 when I was a teen!! A couple of things got to me during this episode I was watching –

1. Tori received a copy of her new book in the mail. It really made me think about the days of authoring my own books (scrapbook idea books, but still a book). I remember that moment of feeling so proud of something that I had accomplished. What a natural high! I miss working on something with my name on it, my heart and sole in it, my tears and sweat. I won’t ever go back into the scrapbook business, but it got me thinking about what else I could do. I need to spend more time exploring different hobbies that I enjoy and see if maybe one of those could be turned into my next adventure.

2. Dean felt that he needed to “reinvest” in himself. What a perfect word – reinvest. I love it. I think it sums up what I need to be doing – reinvesting in myself! Taking care of my body, mind and soul. I need reinvest in my workouts, running and eating healthy. I need to reinvest in my career and find a job that I enjoy going to everyday where I can use my talents to their fullest. I need to reinvest in a new hobby that brings me joy and I can explore new creative outlets. I invest a lot of energy into my family and my job…why not invest that energy into me?

I have decided to create my own little 21 Day Reinvest challenge, although you are welcome to join me! So, this is my plan for the next 21 days –

• Change up my workouts due to the summer heat: 30 minute run on the treadmill (work on my C25K) followed by a 20 minute swim in the pool. Weekends will include morning walks of 4+ miles.
• Find a good Yoga DVD and spend some time on my inner health.
• Sign up for the 12K (or 6K not sure yet) that is in December, I figure if Meg and I sign up than we will be more likely to be held accountable for training for it.
• Try out a few new hobby ideas that have been swimming around in my head, so looking at some field trips to the art supply stores, bead stores and hobby stores. I have wanted to make jewelry again, so I think it’s time to put some of my ideas to work.
• Keep searching for a new job and sending out resumes. Take a chance on something that might scare me, but interest me!
• Put together all of my new recipes since they are a real mess right now.
• Spend some time at the library checking out healthy books that I have been wanting to read.
• Give up meat 100%, right now I am about 90%. I feel guilty when we eat out and my husband and I normally split a meal and I know he prefers meat over veggie. I want to be 100% meat free, so I am sticking to what I want to do for these next 21 days.
• I will weigh myself tomorrow morning, take a couple body photos and measurements and document that. However, I will not do it again until my 21 days are up. I won’t be a slave to my scale. This is not just about loosing weight (I say that while wearing pants that are a tick tight this morning), but focusing on my whole body inside and out.

When does this start? Tomorrow morning! I am really excited about reinvesting some time and energy into myself. Is it selfish, I don’t think so at all. What’s that saying? "If Momma Ain't Happpy, Ain't Nobody Happy!” LOL! Now, please don’t get me wrong I am blessed with a wonderful family and life; however, I feel I am living on cruse control and it’s time to step up and get back into my life. Nothing is going to change until I change it. So, there we are.

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