Thursday, June 3, 2010

Closer To Friday

Yesterday was another crazy busy day. I have come to the conclusion that I either have extreme PMS or it’s time to start looking for a new job. My daily unhappiness at work is starting to swirl into my everyday life and I am feeling the stress head to toe. I know my options, so I am trying not to complain, but it’s always freighting thinking about starting over at a new job. One day at a time, I know that I am the only one responsible for my happiness – either I do something or sit here and suffer.

I spent all day yesterday dreaming about a green smoothie! As soon as I was in the door I had my blender out and fruits and veggies all ready to whip up a cold green drink of heaven! I used for the first time Amazing Grass in my recipe and WOW – it turned out delish!! I had a banana, strawberries, mango, spinach, ice, Amazing Grass and Almond Breeze. The perfect way to start the evening! Meghan even said it was one of my best.

The boys were out at the dirt bike track, so dinner was left in my hands. We had planned on corn on the cob and Black Bean/Mushroom Veggie Burgers all cooked on the grill. I had the corn going no problem, however next time I do the burgers I will cook them inside. It was a pain trying to cook them on the grill and then during the cooking of my second batch – we ran out of propane!! Oh well, what can you do…just eat the batch that is done! We topped our burgers with sautéed onions, roasted red peppers, provolone cheese, spinach and mustard! Fabulous!! The boys didn’t eat until late, but the husband loved it – the boy just ate corn. LOL!

After letting dinner set in our stomachs Meg and I took off for a run. We did our normal five minute walk and then ran our hearts out. What a great stress reliever!! We really upped our running this time out and I found myself thinking, “I’m doing it, I’m running!!” As we rounded the corner (running) towards the house I told Meg lets run around the block before going in – and guess what? We did RUN around the whole block without stopping! LOL! Really ask my husband, normally when we would go out and he tried to get me to run I would cry that I couldn’t do it and run for maybe 30 seconds.

Meghan and did get into a nice discussion regarding being an athlete. I have NEVER thought of myself as athletic and I think deep down it’s been something I have regretted. I just have always told myself that I’m not an athlete and as the years have gone by I have believed it. Who says, “Ms. you are NOT an athlete, but you over there Ms. are an athlete.” Can you go into the doctor have a blood test done to see if you are an athlete? Really the only person that can decide that is ourselves, right? I still sit here and think, “Maybe I might be, but maybe not yet.” Then I scream to myself, Gosh, darn it – I am an athlete!” So, after 40 years I am finally learning that besides being an athlete I can be whatever I darn well want to be. Running has made me feel so free and empowered! Is that why others run too?

Meg and I are starting to look at upcoming runs this winter and thinking about signing up for one or two! She asked why I haven’t done the C25K program lately, but I decided to save that for the treadmill once summer gets here and it’s just too hot to run outside. We have been setting our own goals when out running, and it’s a little easier for us to use landmarks not time.

Okay, enough about my excitement over my running. It’s Thursday and I have lots to do before the boy child leaves for two weeks for a trip to Michigan with grandma! Wow, the house is going to be REALLY quiet for two weeks!! LOL! I am going to miss kissing his cute little cheeks.

FYI – On the 3-Day Fundraising – I am 49% to meeting my goal!! Please stop by my donation page and make a donation today! Every dollar getting me closer to walking sixty miles in three days!!

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Carter said...

LOVE your thoughts on being an athlete! I wonder all the time if I would have excelled at any sport in my younger days if I wasn't injured all the time and then too fat...I guess it's not really a regret, because my life brought me to the great place I am now, but I will always wonder!

Regardless, cheers to being fit athletes now! Better late than never:)


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