Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend Recap

That was the fastest three days of my entire life! Okay, I may be a little over dramatic but it did go by pretty darn fast.

Friday night to celebrate Meg’s going into High School we went out to YC’s for dinner (Meg’s choice). I love that they have tofu so I can load up on that and skip the meat! John and Matty had never been before, but they both did a great job filling their bowls as full as they could get them! I love that you get that little bowl and you think, “That’s it?” Yea, we had enough for lunch all weekend!! Meg tried to teach Matt how to use chop sticks, but he gave up quickly and went back to using his fork. Meg is about the only one who can use them and actually get food in her mouth. We end up wearing it!
On the way to dinner we stopped by Big 5 and I picked up a Nike visor to wear on my Saturday workout, although ended up not like it. I swear, I have a big head and way too much hair! I ended up exchanging it for a Nike Dry Fit hat that I love much more!! Some how the hat was $2 more than the visor, but I ended up getting $1 back?!?

I had hoped to get in a six mile run/walk with Meg on Saturday morning, but ended up doing 4.66 miles. Still not bad, it was just getting very hot and quickly! I took Meg over to the canal and we had a nice relaxing time running along the water watching all of the new baby ducks. We even noticed a nest of duck eggs by one of the bushes! Once home I enjoyed some Greek yogurt, blueberries and raw oatmeal. Nothing like enjoying some breakfast and coffee out by the pool!

Since the boys were out at the dirt bike track Meg and I decided to visit Dick’s Sporting Goods to look at running skirts. Meg looks so adorable in them!! Since we haven’t made our three mile running goal yet, we decided to wait on the skirts. She did however find a cute Alo sports bra for $9 (regularly $36!!) and I myself bought a pair of Under Armour panties!! Strange, but needed under my running shorts. LOL!

Being Memorial weekend I was SHOCKED that my husband wanted to cook meatless all weekend!?! Who is this man?? Our menu for Saturday was Make Your Own Kebabs!! I had lots of veggies, some Scallops and Chicken for the boy child. Meghan helped me get it all put together and then we lined it up on the bar and let everyone make their own. John cooked the most mouth watering corn on the cob that I think we have EVER had. It was a two thumbs up dinner!! We even followed dinner up with fresh watermelon!!

Sunday morning we were up at 4:30 am and ready for a good long hike! I made Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies the night before to fill us up and give us all some good energy. This is the first time that John has been out hiking with us, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect with him and Meg…they normally like to drive me crazy when they are together! We were surprised at how quiet it was when we got to the mountain I really thought there would be a lot of people out, but it was quite the opposite. We headed towards National Trail and the sun quickly heated up the day. I really wanted to do eight miles, but around mile 3 Meg and John were getting hot and tired. Somewhere after mile 3 they both got their second wind when I told them that I would love to get four miles in (and then we would have the four miles back). I was so excited that we did it!! On the way back down we took some good water breaks and broke out the protein bars and refueled our bodies. We even ran part of the way back! John was SHOCKED to see me running for as long as I did. He hasn’t been out with me in awhile. Not only was the husband proud of me, but I was proud of me! I was running, not just the little 2 second run, but really running!! I was amazed at how great I felt when we got done!! We decided that we did so good that we deserved a McDonald’s ice coffee!!

When we got home around 9 am everyone was hungry again so I cooked up some eggs using left over veggies from the night before, a little laughing cow cheese all on a bagel thin and a side of cool watermelon.

We had a day filled with racing and watched some of the Indy 500 outside and then John and I snuck out to the bar to watch some while eating lunch. The beer took major effect on me once I got home and totally feel asleep on the couch for awhile. With the late lunch and being sore from the eight mile hike, dinner was no-bake cherry pie while watching NASCAR. We decided to make our mushroom/black bean burgers for dinner on Tuesday night since we were still pretty full from lunch…and drop dead tired.

Monday John worked so I stayed in bed until about 8:30am – heaven!! It was an extremely lazy day, but we did read on Gina’s blog that it was national Macaroon Cookie day, so heck we had to make cookies!! I finally picked up some Amazing Grass and even used it in my cookie recipe. They turned out good, not great, but good. Meg and I snacked on them all day long.

I did get off my butt later in the day to cook up some Garbanzo Bean patties for work this week (and for dinner). I also tried a different recipe for my oatmeal to have this morning at work, but didn’t like it at all compared to the Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie. I had a hard time chocking it down. My whole weekend really looked like this -

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Carter said...

I love that you snuck out to a bar:) Good idea! Been following your story for a short time now and can't wait for more. Your walk is incredibly inspiring and your story in general is so relatable!


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