Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday - Bring on the 3-Day Weekend!!

I was a disappointed that I didn’t get a run in last night, but with it being the last day of school it was a little crazy. My daughter sent me a text as soon as she was out of class to let me know that she is now a high school freshman!! Ugh, I’m not old enough to have a daughter in high school!

Anyway, once I was done running kids around last night I finally had a chance to make dinner at 8pm. I had put a sweet potato in the oven earlier in the evening (it was HUGE and took almost two hours to cook!) and mashed that up along with some spices and added black beans. I was inspired by Caitlin’s Sweet Potato Baked Bean Wontons, but changed it up just a little. After they were finished cooking I drizzled some Szechuan sauce over them – pure heaven!! I will be making these again for sure. Very tasty! Fabulous dinner even if it was a late dinner.

I even used a few wonton wrappers and made dessert (again inspired by a Caitlin recipe!). I sprinkled cinnamon over the wontons, added chocolate almond butter, couple of blueberries and a dash of coconut! Little bites of joy!!

I had thoughts of waking up at 4am today and going out running before work, but the alarm went off, I turned it off and went back to sleep that quickly. My goals for this weekend

• Saturday – 6+ mile run/walk with Meghan
• Sunday – 8 mile hike with family
• Monday – 3+ mile run/walk

Really need to hit the grocery store and stock up on fruit and veggies. I have added blueberries to my morning oatmeal – super yummy! I love making up my breakfast the night before and then heating it up later in the morning at work. If I can wait and eat at 8 am I am good for the whole morning until lunch.

We do have this nice HUGE chocolate cake in the fridge for the boss’s birthday today. I might have to enjoy myself and have a small piece today!! I did make a pretty awesome birthday card for him – I was surprised to find I felt so creative the other night…it’s been awhile.

Oh, one more weekend might do – by a Camaro. LOL! I really have been thinking about them, but this weekend you get a free iPad with purchase!! LOL!

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