Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekend Update

Friday I was just about singing in the car on the way home. So, very ready for the weekend! We did a quick Wal-Mart shopping run and then it was time watch some truck racing and relax! The husband picked me up some Bud Select 55 to enjoy and I made meatless sloppy Joe's for dinner that he LOVED! Said it was one of my best meatless meals yet!!

This morning the daughter and I were up at 5am and on the mountain by 6:10 am. We printed out the trail map before we left and found the trail that we really wanted to check out. It's a 14 mile trail, not sure how much we covered today, but we got a little over two hours in. The only problem are all of the mountain bikers on the trail. They are all pretty cool, and we almost saw one go down the side of the mountain BACKWARDS! Oops, just glad he saved it! After the hike we again treated ourselves to McDonald's for an ice coffee for me and a drink for the kid.

I decided today to go ahead and order the Garmin 205 GPS Watch! It should be here in a week or so. I am really hoping it does well tracking distance. I gave up on my stupid @$$ Nike +. All I want to know is how far we are walking/running!! Is that too much to ask for?? Anyway, can't wait to test this baby out!!

Once home from our hike and cleaned up I "processed" something! I made the most amazing snack!! First I mixed some Greek Yogurt with a little honey and almonds. Then using my food processor I put in one frozen banana, coco and vanilla then processed for about five minutes. I did layers of the two mixtures along with some raw Oatmeal on top. OMG, to die for!! Perfect cool treat for a warm afternoon.

Then it was off for some GIRL shopping today!! It was so nice to hang out with my mom again. We did a little shopping, looked at cell phone plans for my mom, hit Spouts for a few groceries and picked up sandwiches to go. Once home we enjoyed lunch and then worked on sending out a few more 3-Day Emails. My donations are up to $1,005!! Only $1,295 to go!! Thank you to everyone who has helped!!

Tomorrow we are planning on swimming, watching NASCAR and relaxing!! I just "processed" again and made salsa for tomorrow!! I am also planning on making Apple Almond bread for breakfast since we ate the last loaf last night. It was actually pretty funny. I kept asking the husband all day if he tried any, nope. So, after dinner I cut off a little piece and told him to try it. That brought out the boy and girl child. Then we were all cutting off pieces and eating it. No plates, no napkins, no sitting down...just standing over the bread devouring the whole darn thing!! It as pretty enjoyable.

Where has this day gone?? Off to relax with a book for awhile.

Have a happy and healthy Saturday!!

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Miss Rachel said...

Hey Kate, I just discovered your blog. That salsa looks great. The vegemite not so much. Admittedly, I have never tasted it, but I smelled it once - blech - and that was enough for me. Take care!


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