Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Process This Baby!

My gift for Mother’s Day this year was a food processor!! My daughter actually came up with the idea and did research online to help dad pick one out. How sweet is that?!? Anyway, my family is not one well at waiting and gave it to me on Saturday afternoon. I finally had the opportunity to open it up and read through the directions on Sunday evening. Wow, I can actually “process” food now! No more killing the blender!! I made up some Garbanzo Bean burgers in seconds thanks to my new toy. At one point I am thinking, “I’ll cut up some carrots and throw in.” Duhh….chuck them in the processor!! Woo-Hoo!! Easy clean up, two thumbs up!! Now I had patties for lunch all week. When I make these I pretty much just throw stuff in and call it good. But here are the basics of my mixture -

Katherine’s Garbanzo Bean Burgers

1 can of Garbanzo Beans
1 slice of whole wheat bread
1 egg
1 egg white
1 Chipotle Pepper
½ Cup Black Beans
¼ Cup Carrots
¼ Cup Red Onion
Garlic Powder

Using food processor mix until well blended, I like my mixture to still be a bit chucky. Heat olive oil in skillet, spoon mixture into skillet; cook about 5-7 minutes per side.

I eat mine on top of spinach with a little salsa. Very yummy!

So, I had absolute no courage to weigh myself yesterday morning. It was a very bad week and weekend. Excuse time – my allergies have been horrendous the last couple of weeks. I am so ready for the Arizona heat to get here and kill off all of this crap that is making me sneeze non-stop (I am one of those people that don’t sneeze just once – it’s about 5-7) and my poor eyes just ache. I also have extreme PMS right now. I keep reminding myself not to make any life changing decisions right now. LOL!

Because of all of this I left work yesterday just wanting to cry the whole way home. My wonderful husband came through and pulled me away from having to cook and took me out to our favorite hang out to enjoy some beer and pizza. It was much needed, but enough is enough and I am done pouting. Tonight – back on the treadmill of death!! I watched the runners out this morning while I was on my way into work and I want to do that!!

Another thank you to Gina and supporting my 3-Day Walk fundraising efforts!! I had orders rolling in all day yesterday. I couldn’t reach my goal of raising $2300 without the help from all of you!!

Have a happy and healthy Tuesday!

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Heather said...

So exciting to get a new food processor!

I love my food processor so much.

What a great husband you have to take you out - what a sweetie!


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