Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend Recap

Warning - What you are about to read and see is nothing short of crap food ALL weekend!! Boy, was it enjoyable!! Remind me of that tomorrow when I hit the treadmill again. Ugh!!

Saturday morning Meghan and I were up once again at 5am to go hiking. We love starting our morning off with a breakfast cookie, however I only like mine warm. I just cannot do cold oatmeal, and since we are still living like animals (Meg thinks this - our microwave is just dead) I have to make the oatmeal in pie pans so we can heat them in the oven in the morning.

Anyway, we were on the trail by 6:10 am loving the peace and quiet. We did the trail that goes along the tops of all of the peaks, totally butt killer. Lots of little bunnies out this morning and one BIG coyote! I was afraid Meg's dog would start barking at it, but I don't think Jack saw him. Thank goodness. About 20 minutes into our hike I was feeling pretty tired, but we kept at it. Two hours later we start heading back to the car, thought I knew of a shortcut...yeah it added on ONE more hour!! After three hours I deserved a McDonald's ice coffee!!

Once home Meg and I cleaned up and ran out to do a few things. We bought dad new beer glasses and a bunch of beer to put into the new glasses for his birthday! We found a beer made by Avery Brewing Co. and had to buy it since it was named in our dog. :) It was actually really good! We also had a few things to buy for Sunday and ran over to the scrapbook store.

I made thank you cards to put into the orders shipping out from my Online Store. Thought it would be a nice little personal touch. It has been a while since I have done ANY scrapbooking, but I think they turned out pretty cute!!

Before the boys got home from the dirt bike park I had fresh crackers made to enjoy with some hummus and John's beer chilling in the fridge.

We all spent the afternoon hanging out by the pool AND IN the pool!! Even me....that is shocking let me tell you! It was such a warm afternoon it was a great way to spend it.

Sunday morning I was up and enjoying coffee outside by the pool. We had a Breakfast Blueberry French Toast bake in the oven that I had put together the night before. Let me tell you, it was Mother's Day and I was eating as much as I wanted to!! Ugh, this really started about Wednesday. LOL!

I did some early baking for later in the day. Worked on thank you cards. Did laundry....what didn't I do today??

Today was the perfect Mother's Day, not only did I get a cool food processor that I wanted BUT my mom came home from Australia today!! She's been gone for three long months. Thank you Scott and Juliet for taking such great care of her!! The kids were excited to see her come through the gates and Matt had all kinds of questions to ask on the ride home.

My little sis, her boyfriend and his parents all came over to my mom's house for a nice little lunch. My mom had brought the kids back some really cool stuff. Shirts, candy, boomerang and the most adorable box of chocolate!! I am pretty sure my mother will be spending the next week in bed! LOL!

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Anonymous said...

All your food looks good!!

Happy to hear you had a great weekend/Mother's Day!


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