Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

I am thrilled to say that after my 6.4 mile hike on Sunday that I am feeling no pain! I didn’t mention that while out hiking I did take a little fall, but my pack helped cushion the butt and I was only left with a bruised ego and flat power bar! LOL! Meg was a little worried about me, but I just hit some soft sand like dirt and it took me down. I was up and fine…and thankful no one else saw me fall.

With the weather getting warmer I am finding that my trusty old Boston hat is way too hot to wear. Oh, and I am tired of all of the comments from crazy mountain bikers. It always takes me awhile to figure out what the heck they are talking about, Boston?? Oh, my hat. I didn’t buy it because I was a fan or anything, just in Boston teaching a class years ago, it fit my big head, so I bought it. Anyway, thinking of going with a visor and one that is made for warmer weather. I was hoping to find one at the New Balance store, but they only had hats, not visors in the material I wanted. This weekend I am sure I will be heading over to Dick’s Sporting Goods to pick one of these up!
I came home yesterday from work with a splitting headache thanks to all of the computer work I had been doing all day. The husband was nice and took me out for veggie pizza for dinner, but was naughty later and enjoyed some ice cream with my poor sick son. Do you ever secretly enjoy when your children are sick and they actually want you to love and snuggle with them? I'll be honest and say YES I do! He is feeling much better today, must have been the ice cream and mommy love that helped.
Making a veggie lasagna for dinner tonight and then running with the daughter...maybe the husband will come along too.

Again I am looking forward to this weekend and getting out hiking again. I hope to do eight miles this time around and I think the husband is even going to be joining us!! That should make for a good time – him and my daughter – they both love to drive me crazy!

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