Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Will You Follow Me??

First I want to ask if anyone reading this could stop by my 3-Day Blog and become a follower of my blog?? Pretty please?? I filled out an application with hopes of becoming selected to blog about my journey for Energizer Battery as one of their “ambassadors”. If you could drop by quickly I would deeply appreciate your support!!

Wow, I have been naughty bad the last couple of days but man what fun it has been. Except that I pay for it feeling like crap. What does that happen and why do I never learn?? You would think turning 40 would make me somewhat wiser in my old age, but no such luck. I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Sunday was a slow day, but I did get in my last workout for week 2 of C25K and look forward to starting week 3 today! I have been sooooooooo sore since my hike on Saturday that I am hoping a good run will stretch it out a little.

My 3-Day walk has started to feel like a second job, but a job that I am loving! I should have my online apparel store up and running in just a day or two. I will be kicking it off with a bang and a guest designer!! More to come soon.

Oh, did try Tempeh Sunday night with my daughter for dinner. Gross. Sorry that’s all I have to say about that. I tried it, didn’t like it. That was right before my new jar of BBQ sauce committed suicide by jumping out of the pantry onto my freshly mopped floors. I swear. Really, I did a lot of swearing. I had BBQ sauce ALL over the place.

It’s Tuesday, have a happy and healthy day! And again please stop by my 3-Day Blog and become a follower!!

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Johanna B said...

I signed up to follow you. I thought I was doing good to sign-up for the Race Against Breast Cancer 5K. You blow me out of the water.


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