Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Yummies

I looked forward to getting home last night and running on the treadmill, but quickly realized once in the door that I had left my iPod sitting on my desk. Ugh. My darling daughter offered to go running with me later that evening and no way was I passing that opportunity up!

I decided to make up a batch of crackers since I had some to die for hummus sitting in the fridge just waiting to be eaten up. I used some oats in my cracker mixture this time around along with some Italian spices and it was amazing hot out of the oven!!

Since the husband was working I tried a new BBQ Tofu recipe that had been lying around along with making sweet potato fries for dinner. The tofu was a total FLOP. Yuck. I did save it thinking maybe if we mixed it in with something else it could be saved as another meal. So, it was just sweet potato fries for dinner. LOL! Without trying a new recipe you never know if you are getting a keeper or a stinker – BBQ Tofu – stinker!

Shortly after dinner we laced up our shoes, well I did, Meg left hers at school and wore her Ed Hardy pink shoes instead. Only a 13 year-old could run in those things. Now I am not going to win any marathons or anything, but darn I actually RAN and it didn’t hurt to bad!! Meg kept cheering me on, “Come on mom you can do it!” She is such a great motivator. We are planning on going out again tonight and putting a few miles on. I can’t wait to get my Garmin GPS Watch tomorrow and be able to track our distance and work on my pace. I’ll admit – I am a gadget GEEK!! It makes me feel all giddy just thinking about it.
Tonight for dinner – veggie pizzas!! I need to stop and pick up some whole wheat tortillas and pizza sauce for the kids, myself – I like a little olive oil brushed on the tortilla myself skipping the sauce.

This weekend I am thinking about trying to making whole wheat English Muffins! How yummy that will be topped with a little Almond Butter! I will share more on that one later this weekend.

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