Friday, May 14, 2010

A Little This and That

Last night I played the part of Super Mom when I got home from work. I changed into my Super Mom clothes (a.k.a. my workout clothes) and jumped onto the treadmill of death. I completed Day 3 of Week 3 of the C25K program.

Then I got an itching to bake something so I made Apple Almond Bread!! OMG, the house smelt amazing all night long. The kids were licking their lips waiting for the bread to come out of the oven. It was a beautiful site pulling that hot bread out and taking in the fresh baked smell. Oh, the goodness!!

While that was cooking I did some blogging and working on thank you cards for my Online Store orders shipping out this week. I didn’t make close to enough last time!

Next up was dinner time, nothing too fancy and then a couple loads of laundry. I planned on sitting out by the pool to enjoy some bread and thought a photo would be nice to share with you all, but Mazie quickly swooped in to check out the bread. I guess the dogs were licking their lips waiting for the bread to come out too!

This morning for breakfast I had some Greek Yogurt mixed with a little cinnamon, honey, Raw Oatmeal and almonds THEN threw in a chunk of the Apple Almond bread and mixed it together. AMAZING! I doubt their will be any bread left when I get home to do this again tomorrow morning for breakfast. I should have hid some.

Plans for the weekend – Would like to get a good hike in. Maybe hang out with Meg and my mom…do a little damage at the mall or something! We also have some kitchen appliance shopping to get done. We are need of a microwave and toaster. Poor Meghan is dying for toast to have her Vegemite on that Grandma brought back from Australia!! Ick. Then lots of kicking back and relaxing! I have a couple of good books I would love to dive into.

I have very special guest designer lined up for my next T-Shirt design on my 3-Day Online Store! She’s very close to my heart and can’t wait to share!!

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