Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday, Windy Sunday

Friday ended up a little on the crazy side. Best part - I got another donation!! Woo-Hoo!! My son had an out of town field trip and I had to pick him up from school at 7:30pm. My daughter and I took advantage of some quiet time and went shopping at Old Navy and then the grocery store. By the time we did get home it was time to go pick up the boy and it ended up being a late dinner night. I made an open face veggie sloppy Joe for dinner, always yummy!

Later my daughter and I really wanted to try Caitlin's Baked Wonton Cookies, OMG...Heaven!! We even made them again Saturday night for the husband and you know what...think we will be making them again today! LOL! Really these darn things are addictive - just a warning.

Saturday Meg and I were up early and out hiking by 6:05am. Best time out there we think. This time we brought a friend, Jack Meghan's dog. He is a kick butt hiker. Lead the whole time and kept us at a great pace. Meg and I were both a little tired, but glad we still did the hike.

On the way home it was time to treat ourselves to some thing special! A McDonald's Iced Coffee with Sugar Free Vanilla for me and one of those new frappe drinks for the girl child...she can drink 500+ calories. We even brought one home for dad.

I was feeling pretty slow yesterday, but did join the husband for lunch. I was naughty and enjoyed a couple of beers and then my afternoon was pretty much over with. I was so tired!

Today has been a little better. The body is extremely sore, but I did get in my last workout for the C25K program week 2. Meg and I went out to the bookstore and then to Sprouts for a couple of groceries. We even picked up a veggie sandwich and Pop Chips to split.

Lots more to do this afternoon! My son has a report to do on Wyatt Earp and the movie Tombstone just happens to be on!

Avery is enjoying watching the windy afternoon.

Have a happy and healthy Sunday!

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Megan D said...

Baked wonton cookies?! Those sound to die for!


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