Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Hiking

What a lazy weekend. However I do think it was much needed. Yesterday ended up just being the daughter and me since the husband was working and my son spent the night at Grandma's house. My mom is planning a two week trip with my son and taking him to Michigan for the first time! They had this crazy idea of taking a train to Michigan and then flying home. Crazy kids!

Meghan and I pretty much relaxed around the house. Did some reading and watched August Rush, pretty good flick. We also got into the Greek Yogurt again and fixed up a nice cool afternoon snack.

This morning we were up by 4:30am enjoying a warm Breakfast Oatmeal Cookie. Yes, we are still microwaveless and had to use the oven. One of these days we will go shopping for a new one. Heck I am old enough to remember never having a microwave and the HUGE one we bought when they first came out....years ago. Anyway, we ate and packed up our pack and were off. We couldn't wait to try out the Garmin GPS and see our distance. We got in almost three hours and did 6.4 miles!!

Meghan wasn't totally feeling it today and was a little whinny, but we still got in a nice hike and the weather was a little on the cooler side. Getting their earlier made for less people on the way out. We had very little mountain bike traffic until we turned around and started making our way back to the car.

Once back to the car and on the way home we found out the boy child has come down with a cold/flu bug and wasn't feeling well at all. If he's not moving or asking for food...he's sick. Being the nice mommy that I am we stopped for some munchkin donuts for breakfast, and now mommy is feeling the pain of eating crap. Ugh.

The rest of the day - Laundry, nap, cleaning and cooking up lunch for the week! Thank goodness next weekend is a THREE day weekend!!

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