Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Balance is the word for the day, the week, heck the month. Trying to find it – Balance. Committing to the 3-Day Walk in November has become a second job. A job that I have put in place of taking care of myself and keeping on track with my exercise. I have used it as an excuse and I know better than that. Balance is not an easy thing to find in today’s day and age. With working full-time, two kids, husband, fundraising and finding time for myself I seem to feel as if I am always letting someone down. If I take time for myself by just reading a book I know my husband feels ignored, when cooking dinner I know my kids would like me to be outside with them…it can be frustrating finding that darn balance.

Turning that around today (at least what I can). Tonight I will be back on the treadmill with another C25K run. Eating healthy. Feeling better. No excuses just moving forward. What else can we do?

Other than working on my balancing act, Sunday afternoon I actually got the husband to try a meatless hotdog – and he liked it! My daughter loves them and they do make a nice quick lunch. If I had more time I would have cooked up some sweet potato fries, but we just settled with some chips and homemade salsa that I made. The salsa was a flop, but I’ll try again in a couple of weeks. Just felt like it was missing something!

My new Garmin watch will be here on Thursday!! I really need to look into some running shorts of some type, but like all women I have one area of my body that I HATE – my damn thighs. They just are not pretty to look at, that’s at least what I think. I have had a heck of a time finding shorts that aren’t too short or too long. Any recommendations?? I think secretly I am telling myself, “IfI look like a runner, than maybe I’ll be a runner!”

I do want to take a quick second and share my Guest Designer on my 3-Day Online Store – she’s none other than my 13 year-old daughter! Please stop by and check out her design and all of the others available for sale.

Speaking of “Balance” today – what do you have a hard time balancing? How do you balance it all out??

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