Friday, May 21, 2010

Wanna Be Runner

With the husband working again yesterday dinner was kept simple. I cooked up a couple of egg whites, along with my red onion/artichoke/tomato mixture, spinach, feta cheese and whole wheat wrap….dinner was ready! I love quick and simple.

The best part about getting home from work last night was finding that FedEx package sitting there waiting for me! For such a small box that the GPS Watch came in they used a HUGE box for shipping it! It was crazy. Anyway, I opened it all up trying to figure out just how to get it plugged into the wall and charged up for later that evening to use. Than dug through the directions, wow this thing can do a lot!!

Later in the evening my daughter and I hit the streets running! We were excited to try out my new Garmin GPS and see how it worked. After a five minute warm up walking we were running and I was shocked at how much easier it was than just the day before! I mean, really I was running! We were even chatting as we were running, which kind of helped me take the focus off of my breathing. I think I was over thinking the breathing making it harder on myself.

We did an exact three miles and I felt really good. I would have kept going but I had to get home in time to watch Grey’s Anatomy. LOL! Meghan has wanted a running skirt, so I told her as soon as we can run three miles (no walking) than we were buying running skirts! Always nice to have a goal to work towards where there’s a nice reward at the end.

Later in the evening we plugged my GPS Watch into the computer and with Google Maps….SO COOL! We could see where we ran, our pace, everything! Stinken cool. Looking forward to using it this weekend when we go hiking.
Have a happy and healthy weekend!

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