Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wow - What a Week!

Again, I need to say a huge Thank You to Caitlin at Operation Beautiful for her support and help yesterday with the launch of my online apparel store! The orders are still flowing in today! 100% of the proceeds will go directly towards the $2300 I need to raise to walk in the 3-Day walk.

With everything going on this week my healthy eating has been on the crappy side. I still have not eaten meat, but I have enjoyed some ice cream and a couple of beers last night! After all it was Cinco de Mayo and I felt I must partake in a few cold Modelo Especials out by the pool.

Before I did have to take my ruby Cavalier Avery into the vet. He started getting this nasty little cough and my husband was worried about him. See I lost my Chihuahua two years ago to congestive heart failure (actually the vet killed him when drawing blood – kind of a sore spot with me), and with Cavaliers heart problems are commend and I think we jumped the gun a little. Looks like a little cold, heart looks awesome and just in need of some antibiotics. I’m sure Avery will jump back quickly.

Tonight we are going out for dinner for an early birthday dinner for the husband. On Saturday he will no longer be “40” but “in his 40’s” heeheehee…. I have been having a little fun with this one.

Need to get my butt back on the treadmill sometime this week, but it’s been hard. I found a group that walk in the moorings before work, but we are talking about meeting up at 4am…which gives me a good hour walk and then time to get home, get ready for work and then out the door. Just not sure about the “4am” part. I like my sleep! LOL! I know sooner or later thought I am going to have to focus on my walking and summer is coming, so 4am might be my best option. Sigh…

Have a happy and healthy Thursday! Don’t forget to stop by my online store!!


Sarah said...

Hey Katherine,

It's Sarah from over at Caitlin's blog. I finally managed to get over to your shop and order my gear today. I know it doesn't bring back my friend, but knowing that I am doing something to prevent future lives lost makes all the difference.

Thanks for teaming up with Operation Beautiful - affirming women's beauty and combatting such a horrific disease? AMAZING. I will definitely be following you to see how the walk goes!


Heather said...

such a cute dog! Hope he feels better soon!

Good luck in your fundraising efforts - you are doing such a great job!

Anonymous said...

what a great idea for a fundraiser and an awesome cause!

I got really confused when I clicked on the link and thought the computer could identify me (I'm a katherine too!)

Happy weekend!


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