Tuesday, March 9, 2010

40 and feeling it

Yesterday I forgot, still not sure how I could forget, to share my stupidity from Sunday evening. I was relaxing on my husbands Lazy-Boy watching some TV along with my two puppies. They were sound asleep and being the good doggie mommy that I am I didn’t want to disturb them by putting the foot part of the Lazy-Boy down and planned to just swing over the right side of the chair to get out, as I have done many a times. However, this time as I swung my left leg over to hop out I pulled something. Shooting pain along my lower back and straight down my left leg. I swear. Turning 40 was not what I thought it was going to be. I hardly slept Sunday night was surprised to still be in so much pain Monday morning. Driving to work was almost unbearable. Even sitting at my desk was painful. I knew there was no working out last night and made the wrong (but still right….I was with my wonderful husband) to go out for dinner. Dinner being pizza and beer (light beer!). Then it was home on the couch with my husband trying to rub out my back for me.

I was happy to have slept well last night and the pain today is not as bad. It mostly hurts to bend over and moving around is just a tick painful still. Not sure if I will be able to get in any exercise tonight or not, and my co-worker who is flying in today did want to go out for dinner…ugh. I promise to be good though!!

Yesterday I did enjoy my first Luna Bar! OMG, these are so good. I have to say that I am a real snob when it comes to any type of bar/protein bar. I absolutely cannot stand that vitamin taste that so many of them have. I love that the Luna bars are 70% organic and actually have a great flavor taste to them! I try not to use bars of any type as a main staple in my daily diet, but they are nice to have around for being on the go. Two thumbs up Luna!!

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