Monday, March 15, 2010


This weekend went downhill pretty quickly, and you know what? I didn’t fight it. The weather was amazing and I had a perfect weekend!

Come Monday the 22nd, back on the program and back on hard! One thing I do want to do when I get back from vacation is head over to the Apple store. At Christmas I purchased a new iPod Touch (replacing my 1st generation one) because I really wanted the Nike +. Since I purchased it I had it back in due to the battery just sucks dry in minutes. No rhyme or reason why, just some times it does and some times it doesn’t. Also my Nike + has never worked correctly. Some times the voice comes on, and some times it doesn’t. I have also had two of the sensors that go into your shoes die on me already! Does anyone else have these issues?!? I love tracking my distance and time and this really frustrates me.

Anyway, my back has seemed to heal pretty nicely. That will teach me for climbing out of the Laz-boy the wrong way. LOL! I plan on taking my tennis shoes with me on vacation in hopes of getting some walking in. I am so looking forward to this trip!! My son will be turning 10 on St. Patrick’s Day….huge party day planned! I even have my finger nails painted green; we tend to take St. Patty’s Day pretty serious! LOL!

I was proud of myself for even getting onto the scale this morning. Not shocked about the weight gain, but not happy either. Vacation this week. Back to the program next Monday. It’s all good.

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