Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 8

All in all – A pretty good weekend!

Sunday my husband and I started the day out by walking up to the grocery store to pick up some meat for dinner. My legs were so sore from the bike ride on Saturday that sleeping in over the treadmill was much more enjoyable. However walking to the store was a great way to get 45 minutes in and get something actually done. I was dying to make THIS for dinner and had everything but the meat. Let me tell you….so so good!! Even my son was diggin’ on this last night!! I probably ate a little too much, but so worth every calorie!! We roasted the organic asparagus we got on Saturday to have with it skipping rice and beans, so we did stay on the health side.

My husband had planned on doing one more dune trip with friends this Tuesday – Sunday, but we have a crazy cold front coming in later this week and for him to go just by himself is a little expensive…and then to spend two days with bad wind down there…he decided to skip it. He would have also come home on Sunday and then left Wednesday – Sunday for NASCAR, so I really wanted him to stay home. However, he spent most…no all of Sunday pouting and really brining down the whole weekend. I really want him to stay home, but not if he’s going to be cranky all week now. Hopefully we get REALLY crappy weather and he knows staying home was worth it. LOL! I did promise him that we would go out one night just the two of us to our favorite pizza place and I would have a couple of light beers with him….the things I do for love. LOL!

Since NASCAR was rained out we went to the Art Festival on Sunday after lunch, but again I should have just left my husband at home. It wasn’t much fun and I think my daughter and I only really looked at four vendors. At least we had the opportunity to enjoy the amazing weather for a few hours.

I am really excited about my weight loss for the week. Made up for the vacation week before plus a little. I know this week losing 2 lbs. will be more on the normal side, but I really look forward to mixing up my workouts and having some fun with them. Now that I have my new iPod and Nike + maybe tonight I’ll run a 5k on my treadmill! I am actually excited about working out tonight! I love when I feel like that.

Day 7 – March 28, 2010
Weight – 151.6
Calories – 1,210
Exercise – 45 Minute Walk
Alcohol – None

Day 8 – March 29, 2010
Weight – 152.2
Calories – 1,195
Exercise – 30 Minutes Walking/35 Minutes Run-Walk Treadmill
Alcohol – None

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Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

Dinner looks incredible! I saved the recipe to try sometime... I love it when I'm excited about exercising too! Such a good feeling! :)


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