Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 10

I really wish I would have photographed last nights dinner, it was amazing. In fact, it was so good that I didn’t want to waste time getting my camera and just dove into eating! LOL! I have two red bell peppers from my organic basket and made stuffed peppers for dinner. I diced up chicken, red onion, garlic and cooked it on the stove top until done. Then added some organic marinara sauce, sliced up olives, black beans and golden raisins and lots of seasonings. Dumped all of that into the red peppers and baked for 15 minutes. So yummy!! I love cooking with whatever I have in my house at the time and seeing what happens!

My husband and I walked up to the store yesterday also and picked up a turkey for dinner on Sunday. It was a great idea until carrying the damn thing home got a little heavy. LOL!

Watched Biggest Loser last night. I have been a fan ever since the first season aired. Loved the guy that came on at the end and had lost 400 lbs. That was amazing! I also liked how he talked about Bob saying that you don’t need a gym membership to lose weight. Walking is free. Amen.

I gave up my gym membership years ago and thankful I did. I have become more creative with my workouts and get to enjoy the outdoors whenever I want….it’s free. My mom also gave me her treadmill when she no longer wanted it, so I have a nice rainy day back up. I always tell people that do not have gym memberships to maybe invest in at least one good piece of equipment to have at home….or watch garage sales!! Last summer I started swimming laps when it was too hot to go out and walk anymore. Wow, what a difference I saw in my upper body! Perfect for all of the tank tops I wore all summer long.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday and we are that much closer to the weekend! Hoping this storm that is coming our way moves out quickly and brings us back our sunshine quickly as well.

Day 10 – March 31, 2010
Weight – 151.8
Exercise – 30 Minutes Walking
Alcohol – Four draft Bud Lights

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Kelly said...

The stuffed peppers sound wonderful!

I love BL too. That guy that came on! OMG, I couldn't believe how much weight he lost. So happy for him. The only thing I don't like about BL is the game play. Things get ugly.


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