Sunday, March 7, 2010

lazy weekend

Friday night is normally our Wal-Mart night, but this week I decided to take off work a few minutes early and get home to enjoy a nice walk. The weather was going to get crappy AGAIN over the weekend, so thought I better get out while I could. The husband was even nice enough to walk with me!

I also decided to whip up a nice dinner for the family and made veggie lasagna. This crazy dish will get even my son to eat veggies! I love adding what ever I have in my fridge, toss it together, bake and then dinner is served! Nothing like ending the day with the family together around the table. 99% of the time when we eat at the table it is a healthy dinner. Being married to a man who enjoys eating healthy makes it really easy. We are not a fast food family, thank goodness, in fact I don't think I could tell you the last time we had McDonald's (or any fast food) for dinner...or lunch.

Saturday I woke slow and just couldn't seem to find my energy all day. I spent most of it in the lazy-boy watching Tom Hank movies all day. The puppies enjoyed this idea and pretty much laid across my lap making it even more difficult for me to try and do anything else. I did go pull the treadmill out, looked at it, and then when back in the the great room to watch TV.

Today thought, turning it around...slowly. I woke up with a 9.5 headache, but thank goodness it started to wear off enough for me to get 45 minutes done on the treadmill. Good note....NO BEER this weekend! I am so proud of myself! My eating has been top notch and heading out to Trader Joe's here in a little while to pick up a few things for the week.

A little worried about this week. I have an out of town co-worker/friend coming in for a few days. She did want to go out walking after work on Tuesday, but also wanted to do dinner. I hate being away from home when I'm trying to stick to the program. I hate not knowing how they are preparing my meal. I know I have control issues. LOL! Wednesday is also happy hour/going away party for a co-worker. Mexican food and beer. UGH. I plan on staying positive, ordering water and think about what is going into my mouth. The weather this week should be good though and I can at least get in my lunch walks.

Okay, enough thinking ahead to this week and time to enjoy today! Happy Sunday!!

Starting Week Weight – 154.2
Target Weight – 139
Current Week Weight – 150.4
This Weeks Loss/Gain -

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