Thursday, March 11, 2010

moving the wrong direction

This week has not been the most positive week when it comes to diet and exercise. My lower back and left leg have still been painful, but it is slowly getting better. I did get out and walk with my co-workers both yesterday and today at lunch. Eating, yea that really sucks right now. Monday night was pizza and beer. Tuesday night was Outback with my co-worker. Wednesday was happy hour and then pasta and beer at home. This morning one of my reps came in with Starbucks coffee and scones (I ate two of the damn things).

I think I have this mentality that I am going on vacation next week so really why even bother this week?

I do know better though. So, I screwed up. It happens. What matters are the choices I make now. I walked today. Have eaten great the rest of today. Planning a healthy dinner for tonight. Move on.

I have stayed off the scale, so I don’t depress myself. LOL!

The rain seems to be gone and looking forward to a beautiful weekend. I will get outside as much as possible and keep chugging forward.

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karen@fitnessjourney said...

Two things came to mind: Are you stretching really well after your workouts and how are your shoes? (I am a Nazi about stretching. It's the massage therapist in me!)


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