Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 6 - Organic Goodness

I had a hard time telling myself to get out from under the goose down, put on your workout gear and tennis shoes, grab the puppies and get outside this morning! But I did!! I really forgot how much I love being outside as the sun is coming up, the air is cool, hot air balloons in the distance....amazingly relaxing! I got a good 35 minutes in and made it home in time to whip up some egg whites and spinach for breakfast and then it was off to the co-op to pick up our goodies!

I was surprised at how many people where there, but the organic only basket line was much shorter than the other line. The kids came with me to help put the two baskets of fruits and veggies into our bags and then we were home in no time. I couldn't believe how much we got for only $25!! AND it's 100% organic!! We got lettuce, 3 cucumbers, 4 mangos, a bag of yams (my favorite!!), 8 bananas, strawberries, 8 apples, asparagus, grape tomatoes, 2 red peppers and some celery looking thing that I'm not sure what it is? LOL! All in all, can't wait to eat all of that goodness!! Even my sceptical husband was amazed by all of that goodness.

Today I have an "appointment" at the Apple Store for them to look at my stupid iPod Touch. What the *#&@ is an "appointment generation Touch just for the Nike + since it wouldn't work with my 1st generation one (my daughter now owns). The Nike + sensor keeps dying way too early than it should. Some times the fitness lady's voice comes on like it should, some times it doesn't (maybe she's on break or something...I don't know) and there are days the battery sucks dry in MINUTES when it's just playing music (no wireless or anything else on). I just hate going to the Apple store even with an "...ugh. This is now my second trip and really enough already let me exchange it for a new one. This has been such a cluster. I bought the 2ndappointment I still end up waiting 30 minutes or more...guess they hope I'll shop and buy something else while waiting. The bummer part about getting a new iPod is loading everything back on. Well, wish me luck!

Back to cleaning! Happy Saturday!!

Day 6 – March 27, 2010
Weight – 152.4
Calories – 1,250
Exercise – 35 Minutes Walking and 60 Minute Bike Ride
Alcohol – None

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