Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 3

Another great day! Yesterday was a huge difference in how I felt over Monday. I woke up bright eyed and ready to start the day and felt great all through the day. My co-worker and I got in a good 30 minute walk and were very thankful that the rain had stopped right before we left. Then in the evening my husband and I did another 45 minutes. He has plans tonight to take me over to the Jr. High School and run laps at the track and then do bleachers….ugh!! I’m 40 and my body really doesn’t like to move that way anymore. LOL!

For dinner last night my husband had picked out a Szechuan Beef and Broccoli recipe out of the Biggest Loser Family cookbook. He even went shopping for me! I really love when he gets on the program with me. Anyway, the dish was really easy to cook and I pulled out some of the meat before putting the Szechuan sauce on it since I knew my 10 year-old wouldn’t like it being so spicy. The dish was a total hit!

I was in bed again last night at 8:30 pm just dead tired. I start my mornings during the week at 5am and the last few nights I have slept straight through to my alarm clock going off. Wow, I have been waking up feeling good.

Here is what I did eat yesterday. I try to stretch out my calories during the whole day otherwise I really feel my blood sugar and energy level drop throughout the day.

• Breakfast – 3 egg whites scrambled with spinach and topped with salsa.
• Snack – Luna Bar.
• Lunch – Vegetarian Tuna (beans & Carrots) on spinach.
• Snack – Strawberries and sliced up banana.
• Snack – Quaker Mini Rice Cakes
• Dinner – Szechuan Beef and Broccoli with Whole grain rice.
• Snack – Microwave apple with cinnamon and a few walnuts.

Really excited about Saturday getting here and picking up my fruit/veggie basket to see what all we get. I forgot to tell the kids about it last night, but I know they’ll be going through it asking, “What’s this one mom?” “What’s that one mom?”

So, one of my biggest day to day struggles lately has been finding happiness in the everyday. Ever see the movie “Groundhog Day”? I feel like that is my life. I get up, go to work, go home, workout, make dinner, watch TV, and go to bed. That is my Monday – Friday. A few years ago I left the scrapbook business where I worked as a designer and instructor. I loved it, but it dried me up creatively and I have absolutely no joy for it anymore. I have tried to work on a few things, but I just don’t feel it anymore. I wanted to accomplish things this year, maybe learn something new but I have yet to venture out to try anything. This has all been mentally hard on me. I’m tired of feeling tired. I have thought of going out to a craft/hobby store over the weekend to see if I could find something to thrill me. Oh well, we will see what happens.

Day 3 – March 24, 2010
Weight – 155.8
Calories – 1,205
Exercise – 55 Minutes Walking
Alcohol – None and no diet soda

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I have an award for you on my blog just as soon as I get it posted. :)


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