Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my first award!!

I was given this very pretty award from Happy Texans. Thank you so much! I love Kelly’s blog and find her to be very motivating!!

* Thank and link to the person that gave you the award.
* Pass this award on to 15 (I could only come up with 10...sorry) fantastic bloggers you’ve recently discovered.
* Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won.
* State 7 things about yourself.

Here are the 15 fantastic bloggers I have recently discovered:


    Seven things about ME:

    1. I was born in Germany. Only lived there for a few years while my father was in the Navy.
    2. I hated my red hair until my 20’s…that’s when I found the effects it had on men…not boys.
    3. I use to be a scrapbook artist and have been on QVC and DIY.
    4. I have four tattoos and really would like another one.
    5. My husband and I met on New Years Eve and were engaged 30 days after. We are going on 16 years!
    6. I love going to the sand dunes in our RV. We have a golf cart and very cool sand rail that we take out. It is the best family time ever!
    7. I worry all the time about what others think of me. I know, I am very insecure and hate it.


Nicole @ Let Them Eat Lettuce said...

Thanks for the award! I love your number 2 statement! haha!

Jaime said...

Thanks for the shout out!! :)

Tiffany said...

Thank you for the award! Very cool ☺ Love your 7 things...

Lyn said...

Thank you! That is very sweet of you :)


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