Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 13

After getting home early from work yesterday we hit Wal-Mart and got that out of the way of our weekend. I couldn't believe how busy they were, normally later in the evening it's pretty quiet. We made it home in time to get a nice walk in. This time I took my husband along since he doesn't smack me in the butt when we walk and force me to run! LOL!

I couldn't wait to make dinner and pulled out our Biggest Loser Family cookbook. The meatloaf was another two thumbs up dinner from the family! I have really enjoyed using their recipes and have found them to be easy and quick. All of the things a busy mom looks for!

We also decided it was time to cook up the Fennel. I chopped it up and cooked it along with some sweet potatoes in a little olive oil and salt. It turned out pretty good. I read that you should cook it as soon as you get it or it starts to lose it's flavor, which it was a little bland. The sweet potatoes were good though!

This morning we woke up by 6 am and took two of the dogs out with us for a walk. I love the quiet peaceful mornings! After about 35 minutes we dropped the dogs back off at the house and picked up our bags and walked over to the park to get our Bountiful Baskets of goodness!! Wow, what a difference between the organic and regular baskets (this week was the regular basket) and thank goodness I had my husband with me....TONS of stuff!! The kids loved when we got home and pulled everything out.

We spent the day at the mall and did a little shopping. My daughter really had her eye on a pair of shorts at Forever 21 and just by chance the had two pair in her size!! I picked up a cool tank, but at lunch realized it had a hole in it! Of course it was the only left. Bummer. Was a little pissed that they wouldn't put the money back on my debt card and I have to wait for a check....i didn't "return" it because it didn't fit, it was damaged! Anyway, did find another top at Ann Taylor Loft. We also enjoyed a wonderful lunch out on the patio, very yummy pizza. I was good and only had a piece and a half AND water to drink!

Looking forward to making dinner tonight, trying something new!!

Day 13 – April 3, 2010
Weight – 152.0
Calories – 1,385
Exercise – 35 Minutes Walking
Alcohol – 2 Jim Beam & Diet Soda

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