Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Middle of the Week

After rushing home from work yesterday I quickly whipped up a chicken meatloaf for dinner and left instructions for my daughter on when and how to put it in the oven. The husband and I drove over to the park to get our walk on. We came close to doing five miles in just a little over an hour. I had hoped to do some running, but his knee started bothering him, so we stuck to walking. I felt great by the time we got home and our light dinner really hit the spot!

This morning my husband asked my to make him the bagel thin breakfast sandwich I made for him on Sunday, and I actually didn’t have one because I was looking forward to my oatmeal breakfast cookie!! I can’t believe I actually “looked forward” to it!! My husband says I need to give cottage cheese that same dedication and maybe I would learn to love that too. Not too sure about that…one thing at a time.

Today after work my co-worker and I are going hiking!! I am so addicted now that I know it’s only minutes from work and I’m out in the beautiful desert. One thing I do want to do this weekend is look for some type of pack for carrying my iPod, cell phone, car key, water, etc. Any ideas?? I don’t want to spend much, but I need something!!

The other day I was inspired by a KFC commercial for this new chicken sandwich thing (the KFC Double Down) they were showing. Now fast food is not a downfall of mine or anything, but this sandwich made me think. I was telling the family that next week for dinner one night I was going to buy chicken breast, slice then in half the long way, cook them, then spread Laughing Cow Cheese on top of one of them, add two slices of Turkey Bacon and then top with the other half of the breast…they were totally excited! The KFC sandwich runs 460+ calories where mine will only be 215 calories...and I am sure you get more with mine. Stay tuned, it will be fun to see how they turn out next week.

Have a happy and healthy Wednesday!

April 14, 2010
Weight – 150.4
Calories – Didn't count
Exercise – 1 Hour 48 Minutes Hike (almost SIX miles!!)
Alcohol – Day 3 of None

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