Friday, April 23, 2010

SIXTY Miles in Three Days....I AM DOING IT!!

If you notice the left side of my blog and my newest image over there…yes, it is true I finally did it…I signed up for the 3-Day Walk!! AAaahhhhhhhh!! I pretty much quit breathing for a few minutes after I hit that final submit button yesterday, but now I am committed and ready!

I will be walking in San Diego as part of my co-worker/friends team Hug 4 Jugs!! Wow, SIXTY miles in three days!! My daughter has taken on the roll as my fitness coach and my mom will help as my fundraising manager…gotta love family.

I warn you now; I have no shame when it comes to raising money so be warned now. I have been brain storming a few ideas and one for sure will be an online apparel store that I hope to have open by the middle of May. Lucky for me I work for a company who does this, so I plan on having several categories one being fitness wear for sure. The best part is that all items will be printed, so if you have an idea for something you would like to see on a shirt please just let me know…all proceeds will go to my 3-Day Walk donations!! Need to raise $2300 by November!! My head is already spinning with ideas for raising money and then there are all of the things that I’ll need for the walk. I plan on using my anal over organized skills and start putting ideas together this weekend.

When I got home last night I was really looking forward to some of my homemade crackers, but found the bowl almost empty!! My husband LOVED them and I even promised to make them Saturday. Thought it would be nice to have some fresh out of the oven with some hummus and hang out by the pool for the day.

The boys went out to the dirt bike track yesterday after my son got out of school. I planned easy tortilla pizzas for them to have once they got home. I was going to photograph, but was so hungry by the time we ate I totally forgot! LOL! I also roasted up some cauliflower to snack on while waiting to eat, this stuff is like popcorn so yummy. It was another meatless day for me! Still trying to figure out dinners still for next week.

I completed day 2 of week 1 of the C25K program. Then totally realized that iTunes has an app for that!! I will be downloading that this weekend for sure! Okay, I have never been an American Idol watcher…until this season and I will tell you I “heart” Lee. Omg, his songs just make me want to cry (yes, inside I am still a 13 year-old girl!). I downloaded a couple yesterday to enjoy during my workouts. I cannot wait until this dude makes an album!

With the weather warming back up for the weekend my daughter and I will be hiking tomorrow morning and then maybe I can even talk my son into a bike ride on Sunday. So ready for the weekend!!

Have a happy and healthy day!

April 23, 2010
Weight – 150.8
Calories – Didn't Count
Exercise –
C25K Week 1 - Day 1 done, Day 2 done!

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