Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 17

Well, all I can say is that the day started out great but went downhill quickly. LOL!

We started taking our “lunch” walk a little earlier now as our days are starting to heat up quickly. So, at about 10 am we headed out and enjoyed the amazing Arizona spring weather and got a great 30 minute walk in.

When I had gotten home from work I made a very yummy green smoothie. I used ½ banana, mango, strawberries, spinach, crushed ice, cinnamon and a little water…OMG, loved it with the mango!! I then enjoyed a little of my Sabra hummus and a healthy tortilla. Since I got home early yesterday I in hopes to spend some time with my husband I was getting a little cranky that he was out in the garage and not hangin’ with me. I think he finally saw I was getting antsy and asked if I would rather go out to our pizza place for dinner…..dear Lord I really really wanted to do that over a salmon burger for dinner.

So, we went to our favorite little joint for dinner…spinach dip (amazing bread, or maybe it was just the fact that it was “bread”), four beers and a small veggie thin crust pizza. WAIT it doesn’t stop there….brownie and ice cream after at home with the kids. Can you start to see my weekly pattern of doing this once a week? LOL! Heck, I figure if it’s only once a week than be it.

I was reading my Hungry Girl email this morning and loved how she was talking about "flexitarian.” I love this!! There is no way I could really ever be a vegetarian 100% since I do love to have meat ever once in awhile. I do try to eat as little meat as possible, so hey I think I might be a “flexitarian”!! I am going to have to check out the book, “The Flexitarian Diet: The Mostly Vegetarian Way to Lose Weight, Be Healthier, Prevent Disease and Add Years to Your Life.” Reading through what all the book is about looks really interesting. Might have to order this today.

Looking at another change in my life, maybe finding a new job. Not sure yet, but I did drop off a resume yesterday and they seemed pretty interesting. I will see today if she calls for an interview, but we did talk for awhile yesterday. Not sure if it’s what I want to do, but I have started keeping my eyes open to see if anything looks exciting.

On to a better day today. I know I’ll be good the rest of the week, especially since I feel like CRAP today. Ugh, my stomach hates me right now. That’s what I get for being so naughty yesterday. Lol!

Day 17 – April 7, 2010
Weight – 154.4
Calories – 1,284
Exercise – 30 Minutes Walking Lunch/45 Minute Walk
Alcohol – None

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Nicole @ Let Them Eat Lettuce said...

I had no idea about this book, and it's SO weird because I just wrote about "going veggie" today! Thanks for sharing!


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