Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Okay, coming to a lot of realizations last night and this morning.

One, I am never going to give up drinking 100% What I am going to do is make sure when I do drink it’s Select 55 (or another light beer) and I am not drinking away my weekends anymore (which can only be like three beers, but then it just makes me want to nap…I don’t drink a 12 pack or anything! LOL!). Go out for dinner, yes I might have a couple of drinks, but it will stop there.

Two, I really want to be a runner. Why? Hummm….I am 40 years-old and never in my life have been ANY kind of athlete and I would really like to know what it’s like to run a 5k and achieve something like that. My plan, I am going to do the Couch to 5k program starting this week!! I figure this week I will start on Wednesday and then Friday and Sunday. Wish me luck!! I have the training schedule all printed out and ready to follow. I was even inspired to print a cool Alo tank top to wear while running!

Oh, I do have one question if anyone can help…my breathing is normally my problem. I never know…best to breath through your mouth or nose?? I end up feeling like my lungs are on fire.

Three, I was so inspired by Caitlin’s blog today! I cannot believe how naive I am letting myself believe that everything we eat is okay for us. I would love to give up meat, so why don’t I? Why didn’t I buy organic milk this last weekend? My body is only going to give me what I put into it, so why am I harming it? Why am I harming my children’s bodies?? My husband….he’s on his own…lol only joking. I want to focus more on meatless cooking, less processed food and keeping myself educated on what’s going on out there.

Four, I want to do the 3-Day walk in San Diego later this year damn it!! I am tired of being scared at the thought of having to raise so much money when I know somehow it can be done! I am now 99.9% sure I am going to do it. My co-worker/friend in California has a team for me to join. Aaahhh…I am so excited!!! I have to thank my daughter for inspiring me by doing the Relay for Live on Friday. I figure if we could raise $125 in just a couple of hours, I am a lazy fool if I can’t raise $2300 in 7 months.

Maybe I am just having a mid-life crisis?? I want to take care of myself and accomplish things I never have had the courage to do before. I want to wake up everyday thankful to be in my body and use it to my fullest. As I have been hiking and working out I am starting to like the way my body is changing. I have started toning up and even my husband has been commenting on the changes. I love the idea of having an athlete’s body!

Anyway, 2010 was supposed to be a year of accomplishments and it’s about damn time I get to it. Originally I wanted to re-explore my creative side and I have let that fog my way. Maybe right now isn’t about being creative. Maybe my goals have changed. I just realized that it’s all good. Onward.

April 20, 2010
Weight – 151.8
Calories – Didn't Count
Exercise – 1 Hour 10 Minutes Walk
C25K Week 1 -

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