Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day to everyone! A long time ago I actually worked for an environmental firm, heck a couple of them. My mother also worked for an environmental construction company and my little sister is in the environmental field too! So, we have spent lots of Earth Days doing different events and enjoying this day. However, it seems like just lately I have started becoming more “Earthy” than in the past. I just don’t want to be that crazy “Earthy” mother I see at Trader Joe’s, the one that my daughter says she would disown me if I looked like! LOL!

A couple of things I do to be “Green”:

• I use my own mixture for fabric softener
• We recycle
• I wear more Organic type clothing, love anything bamboo!! Alo makes some of my favorite workout gear
• I bring my lunch everyday it containers I can wash and reuse and even bring it all in a bag I made
• Buying more organic when I can
• I am starting to eat less meat and more veggies
• We have changed out our light bulbs to fluorescent ones

Yesterday was a great workout day and I even looked forward to going home and starting my C25K program and even now I can’t wait for my 2nd workout of the week. I also had a total meatless day yesterday and did some internet searching for meatless recipes that the whole family would enjoy (this one is hard!).

Today, hopefully the work day will just go by smooth and quickly. LOL! I am so ready for a nice warm weekend. My daughter and I are planning another early morning hike on Saturday. I love starting the day off spending time with her!

Have a happy and healthy Earth Day!

April 22, 2010
Weight – 150.2
Calories – Didn't Count
Exercise – 30 Minute Run Treadmill
C25K Week 1 - Day 1 done, Day 2 done!


Nicole @ Let Them Eat Lettuce said...

Those are some great changes! Hope you have a good day!

Heather said...

Great tips!

Happy Earth day to you too!

Seth said...

Way to be green!!!


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