Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday Recap

Happy Monday morning! I say this in hopes of pump myself up for the day, but really I could have stayed in bed for a few more hours today. I was happy with the 1.8 lb. lost this week. Thought it might have been a good two pound lost, but I was happy when my slacks this morning went on like butter and my husband kept telling me how great my legs looked all afternoon yesterday. Anyway, my goals for last week -

• One week NO alcohol – DID it! Not one drop all week!!
• Beat my personal best mile on the treadmill – Didn’t work out on the treadmill too much this week, but came close to beating it yesterday...still didn’t accomplish.
• Finish cleaning out my closet for the spring- My donation clothing is still sitting on the floor of my closet. Ugh.

Okay, this week goals –

Can’t think of anything exciting at the moment, so just staying on track with my eating and working out.

The rest of my weekend was actually pretty enjoyable. My 10 year-old son had been begging me to go out to the dirt bike track with him and dad (to take photos), so I decided if I was going to go I better do it before it hits 100, yesterday was 96 degrees so I was cutting it close.

I was up at 5:30 am and hit the treadmill for a power 20 minute workout. My husband had worked and wouldn’t be home until about 8am, so my goal was to have every thing ready to go when he got home. I showered, dressed, packed the ice chest and we were ready!

I even made breakfast bagel thin sandwiches for the ride out and even prepared a nice healthy lunch of chicken wraps and fresh fruit salad. I think the guys really loved the food over their normal peanut butter sandwiches. LOL! I was thankful we brought the enclosed trailer, made watching Matt out on the track much more enjoyable in the 96 degree weather.

We stayed until close to 2pm and were all ready to go home and enjoy a cold shower to rinse all of the dust off. Matt opted for jumping in the pool and swimming…way too cold for me!!

Did a little BBQing for dinner and made the most AMAZINING Sweet Potato Fries!! OMG, these things are to die for!! Crap, I can't find the recipe now! Ugh, well if I do find it I will make sure to post it.

All in all, a perfectly relaxing weekend! Can’t wait to do it again next weekend!!

April 19, 2010
Weight – 150.4
Calories – Didn't Count
Exercise – None
Alcohol – Bud Light, was good!

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