Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 18

Happy to report that yesterday was a much better day and I am feeling 100% better today!

Work has been busy and I was a little worried about getting our 30 minute lunch walk in, but my co-worker would not let me skip it and off we went. I love getting out and enjoying the day if even for only 30 minutes. We also all went over to Jimmy John’s for lunch. I had never heard about it, but my out of town co-worker/friend who is from Chicago flipped when she saw it just minutes down the street from us. I skipped the mayo on my sandwich and only had half yesterday along with some fresh pineapple. I will enjoy the other half for lunch today.

When I had gotten home from work my 13 year-old daughter wanted to go over to Target and I told her we could go, BUT we had to walk. It’s only about a 16 minute walk not too bad. We didn’t find anything, but it was a great way to get out of the house for awhile and get some physical activity in!

I made a tasty dinner using a bunch of fruit for a nice fruit salad and cooked up a salmon burger and had that on lettuce/spinach topped with a little Sabra hummus and buffalo sauce (to spice it up). So filling!! My son had a turkey burger and was shocked when he saw the fancy fruit salad I put together. He’s getting a little better about trying new foods and ended up loving the blackberries.

Seeing oatmeal breakfast cookies on a lot of blogs the last couple of weeks. Normally I am NOT an oatmeal type of person, love oatmeal cookies, not crazy about a bowl of oatmeal. However, I though why not give it a try. They look so filling and perfect for the morning. My daughter helped me out and we pulled everything together, mixed it all up, poured it out, covered and refrigerated. I couldn’t wait to get up this morning and sit down to enjoy (I hoped) it with a hot cup of coffee. I was able to get down about ¼ of it, but really I couldn’t get over the fact that it was kind of like eating cold oatmeal….icky. I defiantly think it something that I need to maybe add a couple other ingredients to, or force myself to eat and just get over the whole “cold oatmeal” thing. I was pretty filling, and my daughter ended up eating the rest and loving it!! I might have to make this for her next week when she had AIM’s testing to help fill her up.

My co-worker and I have talked about going to hike the mountain after work today. Really I am not much of a hiker. My husband and I do this on trail over by his station, but that one is too far to do today. I am not a fan of heights so, I don’t like the mountain trails that have steep drop offs or anything like that. With the weather being in the high 80’s today I will be really nice to get out for awhile and enjoy it. Just wish me luck!!

Day 18 – April 8, 2010
Weight – 152.2
Calories – ? Didn't do a good job counting today
Exercise – 30 Minutes Walking Lunch/60 Minute Hike!
Alcohol – None

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