Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday - Feeling the Love

Woke up not only feeling better but ready to take on the day! I had some extreme PMS yesterday and had to keep reminding myself not to quit my job and walk out the door. At one point I had left my office and someone walked out the front door slamming it and my poor co-worker in the office next to me was pretty sure it was me just up and leaving. LOL!

Enjoyed a nice walk during my lunch break, but was starting to really drag by the time I got home. I forced myself on the treadmill, but could only get myself to stay on for about 20 minutes. I did feel a little better and finally sliced up all of the fruit I bought over the weekend. I am loving the fresh pineapple! I also took the time to upload some new music for my iPod and changed around my workout mix some, that always helps keep me motivated while running. Thanks Shape for the recommendations!

Dinner turned out amazing! We had left over pork from the night before, so I used one of my carb smart tortillas and heated that up on the stove top. I lightly brushed it with olive oil then topped with the shredded pork, then added sliced up tomato, onions and artichoke hearts. I heated up under the broiler for a few minutes and added some avocado to finish it up with. OMG, amazing!! My husband was working, but said he would be calling me up today to walk him through it so he could make it for lunch. LOL!

I also made my breakfast cookie for this morning adding up the calories as I did. Holy heck, I had no idea how MANY were actually in that sucker. However, I have taken in to count that when I eat one of these in the morning I don’t need a mid-morning snack, they do hold me over to lunch very well. And, I am actually starting to like them! I did just realize that I can’t look at it when I am eating it, still looks pretty gross to me.

The scale showed me some love today, and with feeling better today I am looking forward to my lunch walk and then walk/running with the husband tonight. Making BBQ Chicken/Turkey Meatloaf that the family liked so much from the Biggest Loser Family Cookbook.

Have a happy and healthy Tuesday!

April 13, 2010
Weight – 150.4
Calories – Didn't Count
Exercise – 30 Minute Walk/70 Minute Walk
Alcohol – Day 2 of None

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