Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 20 - Start of the Weekend

I was finally able to leave work a little after 2pm yesterday, even though I had my 40 hours in before 10:20 am that day...ugh. Anyway, thought I would take advantage of some "me" time and went over to Nordstrom Rack to check the place out. Wasn't too thrilled with the prices on the shoes, but I did find some really nice black dress pants for work and only $29. After I went over to Ann Taylor Loft to look around, but wasn't sure about a few pieces I liked and decided to wait until later after I spoke to the husband to see if I could do a little damage (I did have a coupon!).

Hit Old Navy later with the kids and yuck! I don't understand how I wear a size 6 at Ann Taylor but need a size 10 at Old Navy?!? Wait, my jeans there are a size 6....I give up. Wasn't impressed with their summer stuff.

As promised to my children we went to In-n-Out Burger for dinner, or they did I just watched them eat. I was good and waited until later and had a salmon burger on spinach.

After grocery shopping the daughter and I went back over to Ann Taylor Loft (permission granted to shop) and ended up with two pair of shorts, a cute tee and awesome tank top! The shorts are more on the longer/cargo length but I feel more comfortable in them than the short shorts.

Last night I also gave a try to my third breakfast cookie. This time after stocking up on a few things at the grocery store I added dried cranberries, coconut and almonds. Looked pretty good.

Meg and I were up at 5am and ready to go hiking this morning! I was excited to heat up my breakfast cookie and try out my newest flavor. I put the cookie in the microwave for 30 seconds...still felt cold...another 30 seconds....still cold. Okay, something is not right here. Finally came to the conclusion that rest in peace, our beloved microwave had kicked the bucket. Ugh. Why does SOMETHING always happen when my husband is at NASCAR?!?

This is the best - I tell Meg that she won't be able to make her oatmeal in the morning in the microwave and will have to heat the water up on the stove top. She tells me, "That's so Survivor mom!" Since when did not having a microwave make you primitives? LOL!

Okay, back to the cold breakfast cookie...again had to choke it down and only ate half I just cannot do the cold oatmeal thing. Meg ended up finishing the rest for me and then we were off to go hiking!!

The weather was cool and amazing. We were among some of the first people there and parked near the entrance. We ventured onto so many different trails and at times felt like we were MILES away, until we would get up high and see our car off in the near distance. LOL! I love hiking South Mountain, you really can't get lost. We did run across a Jack Rabbit and a family of Quail. A lot of the cactus are also blooming and looked beautiful as the sun was coming up.

We left two hours later and boy the place was getting busy. There wasn't even a parking spot to be found, which is why we came so early. Meghan loved it and asked to go again next weekend! It was such a blast!!

We came home starving, so I made breakfast using the new Bagel Thins I bought yesterday. We toasted them up, spread a little Laughing Cow on them, topped with egg whites, Turkey Bacon and a dab of salsa. Amazing!!

Well, cleaning is done and time to finish up buying just a couple of things for dinners this week and then it's time to relax!!

Happy Saturday!

Day 20 – April 10, 2010
Weight – 150.2
Calories – Lost Count
Exercise – 2 Hour Hike
Alcohol – None

Day 21 – April 11, 2010
Weight – 149.8
Exercise – 35 Minute Treadmill


karen@fitnessjourney said...

I love Ann Taylor Loft, it's where I buy about 90% of my clothes.

Seth said...

I'd like to have a place to hike like that. Keep it up.


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